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Month: November 2010

The White List #7: Tips for Improving your Email Copy

When asked to write a weekly blog article I was skeptical. After all, I’m not the copy writer here at NDF. I have done some copy editing but beyond that it isn’t my main function here. So when I came across this article from Vertical Response with 13 tips to Improving Email Copy, I jumped on it and thought I would pass this along to you!

The NDF Event of the Month: So Cool, It’s Hot!

As if social media by itself wasn’t the hottest cool thing around, now we have social media in Spanish!   For all of you socialites near, or travelling to, the Valley of the Sun on the 2nd of Diciembre, there is one hot event happening at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel.   The Event, called Vision 2011 AZ, is completely focused on “entering the world of conversation” online…from the Hispanic perspective.