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Photobomb #6: 10 Cool Websites with Free Lightroom Presets

Recently updated on February 9th, 2021 at 04:53 pm

As photographers and artists we all have creative walls. We all work really hard to improve our skill sets and try to learn new things to go around new problems to make our photographs/artworks look better. Sometimes when we hit this wall we feel so burnt out and we don’t want to work at all. We start to think that our images are looking dull to us and feel as if there is something missing. We usually over complicate problems like this, we then search for some magical trick out of it that will give us the creative approach.

So instead of having a hard time searching for ways to make your images come to life, I have collected 10 Cool Websites that offers Free Lightroom presets that you can try to increase your creativity and speed up your workflow today. Just keep shooting and have fun!

Lightroom Presets

Preset Heaven

Lightroom Blog

Steller Photo

Lightroom Killer Tips

Seim Effects

Laconic Design

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