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Month: July 2010

Effortless School Fundraising and University Rewards Program 

Back to School Means Fundraising

Next Day Flyers has a partnership rewards program for schools and universities.  Schools and other educational institutions select us as their official online printer and we provide a special landing page, unique to that school. Then associated families, friends, alumni, and staff, raise funds simply by ordering the printing they need through the special page. We provide, at no cost, the online means and technical support for the program to succeed.

8 Trends to Tap into for Back to School Marketing

Tapping into trends for your back to school marketing, or any marketing for that matter, can help you improve your ROI. Back to school marketing is not just about products and services that are directly connected to education and kids. Back to school time marks the beginning of the seasonal “spending spree” that typically hits consumers at this time of the year.

Believe me, I’m Lyon

Part 1: Making Sense

When I spot a typo on a printed piece, a sign, or a billboard, all of my attention is drawn away from the intent of the message as I try to understand the people responsible for setting the type and proof reading. To me, the credibility of the message is always challenged when typos get past the checkers and get printed, either multiple times on a printed piece, or just once on a sign or billboard that will be read by thousands of people.

5 Tips for Cultivating Customers with Social Media

Last year Starbucks used the power of social media to drive more than one million people to their stores in one day.1 Their free pastry day social promotion is a testament to Twitter and Facebook and the power social media has for boosting brand recognition and driving customers to sites and stores. Used correctly for your company, social media can bring in new customers and strengthen relationships with current customers.

15 Dos and Don’ts for Profitable Menu Design

Menus that generate the most profit require time and attention to detail. The overall design needs to reflect the personality and feeling of the restaurant because menus are a key ambassador for your establishment. As a general format, most menus are laid out in a way that follows the natural dining experience – with appetizers first, entrees, and then desserts. And before you dig in, make sure you examine the prices, menus, and websites, of your competition to help determine where and how you can compete.

14 Must Haves for Your Website

When it comes to your website, whether you’re a graphic designer with a staff of one, or a huge corporation with a staff of thousands, there are countless choices to make. This makes it a challenge to decide what you have to have, what you need to have, and what you’d like to have. So, here’s our 14 must have website tips to use when you’re planning or redesigning your website.1,2,3