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14 Must Haves for Your Website

When it comes to your website, whether you’re a graphic designer with a staff of one, or a huge corporation with a staff of thousands, there are countless choices to make. This makes it a challenge to decide what you have to have, what you need to have, and what you’d like to have. So, here’s our 14 must have website tips to use when you’re planning or redesigning your website.1,2,3

1. Stand out or risk being forgettable

How are you different? Company size does not matter when it comes to showing how you are unique or special. The things that make you special-make you better. Your site needs to help potential customers decide that your company is a good fit for them.

2. What’s it all for?

Customers and potential customers should be able to easily see what products and/or services you offer. It’s vital that they don’t have to search for this information.

3. Contact information

Don’t be vague. For starters, you want potential customers to be able to contact you. Also, providing this information helps build trust and credibility.

4. Put your best, first

There are a lot of people who only spend a short time skimming a website so give them what they want right at the beginning – this includes gripping content and awesome design.

5. Think verbs

Websites are dynamic so don’t be afraid of verbs.

6. Testimonials, clients, awards, etc.

3rd party validation is important. To provide case studies, a client list, testimonials, quotes, or awards, or any other form of validation that tells readers someone other than you, loves your company.

7. Social presence

If you have a presence on social media sites and blogs, particularly those serving your industry, make sure they are on your site. Announcing your social networking links helps readers view you as legitimate.

8. SSL or other safeguards

This is vital if you are an e-commerce site. Customers need to know their information, particularly credit card information, is safe.

9. Easy navigation

Easy to find means easy to buy. Make sure that no matter what the customer wants, whether it’s information or order, that it looks easy to get, and that it is easy to get.

10. Clear process

A site visitor should be able to easily see procedures and costs and know what to expect. Having an FAQ section on your site can help with this information.

11. Feedback process

Encourage feedback and provide a clear path for customers to give you input – good and bad.

12. Call to action buttons

Whether your call to action is “buy now,” “subscribe,” or “learn more,” make the choices obvious and appealing.

13. Personalized touch

Do your best to personalize a sale, whether it’s a handwritten note, coupon, or other incentives for repeat business.

14. Hey, interesting works

Bland is boring. Find a way to tell a story and deliver compelling messages. The more memorable you can make your site, the better your chances of success.

The Internet is competitive. When you’re working on site design and what makes you unique, check out your competitors’ websites to make sure you’re not emphasizing the same things they are. Finally, find ways to infuse your site with your personal or company personality because, let’s face it, a good personality count.


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