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10 Tips for High-Impact Flyers

Recently updated on November 17th, 2017 at 11:18 pm

Well-designed flyers will grab attention – even when they are surrounded by swarms of other flyers. They are great marketing tools for business and event promotion, and it’s not difficult to make your message pop if you pay attention to a few details.

1. What makes a flyer stand out?

If you know some of the locations where you want to post your flyer, visit those spots ahead of time and check out the existing flyers. Stand back – which ones stand out to you? Why? Looking at finished flyers is a great way to see firsthand what makes a flyer pop.

2. Size matters

Go for the largest flyer size you can afford to help make yours more impressive. The larger the paper, the larger the image you can use and good images can attract lots of attention.

3. Use simple words

Choosing a good contrasting image is important, but you also need to make sure that the words you choose will convey the message you want. Stick to simple words so people can get what you’re saying in a few seconds.

4. Use simple fonts

Select clean, simple fonts – unless your font has to have a specific look like grunge. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than 2 different fonts.

5. White space is good

White space helps make your printed flyer more readable so use plenty of white space and avoid a cluttered look.

6. Develop your look

If you do repeated promotions with flyers, select some elements, such as colors, that are carried over to each flyer so you develop a recognized brand “look.”

7. Include important information

Don’t forget to include contact information, directions, or other important details, such as who, what, when, and why.

8. Sponsors

If your event or activity has sponsors, be sure to include their logo and other important information. The greater your sponsors’ visibility the more likely they are to want to sponsor a future event.

9. Proof carefully!

The last thing you want is 500 printed flyers with a typo or incorrect information.

10. When to post

A good rule of thumb is to post your flyer at least a week ahead of the upcoming event or activity.

When you’re ready to design your flyer and you’re looking for inspiration take a look at these club and event flyer designs. A final note on flyer etiquette; don’t put flyers on parked cars. And if you take down other flyers to make room for yours, only remove those for dates that are already history.


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