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5 Ways to Support Green with Your Marketing

Everyone wants to prevent oil spills and keep the world from becoming one big hothouse. But, let’s face it, we still live in a world where most people won’t change their ways until it hits them in the pocketbook. For instance, one way to get those hybrid cars selling faster is to raise gas prices.

However, given two equal choices, most people will choose the green option these days. So, what are some things you can do, whether you’re marketing for yourself or a company, to support green efforts, and to help your company or personal brand be the green option of choice?

1. Mobile Coupons

Mobile phones are quickly becoming the “go-to medium” for coupons.1 If you have the type of business or service that fits well with on-the-go marketing then you might consider this growing tool. Target your opt-in database at the time they are most likely to buy. Subway, for instance, sends messages shortly before lunchtime.

2. Address the Precycling Trend

Precycling is a trend that refers to the fact that consumers are consciously choosing to buy fewer products.2 Customers are looking to save money by buying in bulk, so if you can, market products and services that offer larger quantities and bundling.

3. Get Out Your Green Message

Your information and marketing should talk about areas where you’re green-focused. But make sure it’s not just relevant to the “fate of the planet” but also the people living on it.3 Keep in mind that with today’s transparent world you can’t just pretend to be green, you have to actually be green.

4. Green Direct Mail Marketing

If you use direct mail in your marketing consider taking the Direct Marketing Association Green 15 TM Pledge which helps with their target goal of reducing 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions between 2009 and 2013. It’s a voluntary public recognition program. You can also:

5. Encourage Customer Recycling

Put the recycle logo in when you design mailers and other marketing printed pieces such as catalogs, to encourage consumers to recycle after reading, or when they are done using the catalogs.

Next Day Flyers is committed to growing green while maintaining our quality and service. We recently switched all our cardstock products over to certified 50% recycled paper stock. We use soy-based inks and all our glossy book weight products are printed on paper made in the U.S.A. and is PEFC/SFI® labeled, which means the paper comes from well-managed forests.

You can read the Next Day Flyers Press Release “Green Printing – Next Day Flyers Switches to Recycled Paper for Cardstock Products.”


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