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15 Very Unique Business Card Designs

Recently updated on December 7th, 2010 at 04:33 pm

We have searched the Web for the best jaw-dropping business card designs, and we found some very unique designs that look like none we have ever printed.

We print custom die-cuts, but unfortunately we cannot print most of these in house. We just wanted to share.

But if you are interested in custom die-cuts, please click here to see examples of what we have done, and contact us if you’re interested in pricing.

8 thoughts on “15 Very Unique Business Card Designs

  1. I love Emerson Taymor and the Kelli Anderson’s cards! Not only are they unique, they’re personal. Everytime I go to a convention or event I get hoards of business cards, but afterwards I’m struggling to remember the faces. I need a visual to remember conversation. Put a face to the name!

  2. The 12th one looks funky and really cool. I’ve also featured some of these cards on my blog.If you want to see more cool business cards, visit us!

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