Grab Attention With Striking Window Clings

Window cling printing is a striking way to advertise on store windows. It’s also a stunning addition to trade show booths—add them to panels, smooth walls or other flat, upright surfaces. Display them as seasonal offers and window decorations. Decorative window clings are easy to peel off and take down as needed.

Create an impressive, full-color custom window cling designs with your own messaging and graphics to attract customers into your store. Go big with our large-scale sizes. Print high-impact custom static cling window decals to promote grand openings, sales, and special product offers.

Choose the Size Perfect for Your Display Space

Window clings are available in a wide range of sizes. Our most popular options are:

Window Cling Size Options

To choose the right window cling size, measure the display space. If you need help visualizing how your cling vinyl will look in that space, tape recycled paper together and stick it on the surface. Voila! You’re sure to discover the perfect size.

Custom sizes from 52” wide are also available. Just use our Custom Product Quote Request.

Apply and Remove Easily With Static Cling

Print window clings on either white or clear 8 mil. static cling in vibrant full color on one side. This material clings beautifully to glass, acrylic, plastic, metal, and other non-porous, smooth surfaces. No adhesive is required.

You can apply clear static clings on either the behind or in front of the window. It’s best to apply white window clings on the outside of a window because only the non-printed side sticks.

Need to reposition or remove? No sweat! It’s easy, whether you place window clings on the non-printed or printed side.

Window clings are also reusable, if you apply the non-printed side to the glass or other surfaces.

Go Bright and Bold or Crystal Clear

When printing window clings, you can choose between clear or white 8 mil. static cling material. Need help deciding?

  • White static cling is the best option if your design uses bright, bold colors. It’s similar to printing on white paper and helps make images and big text pop.
  • Clear static cling is the best option if you want your design to look like it’s part of the glass. The background is completely transparent.

If you choose clear static cling, white ink options let you set the transparency of your artwork. You have four options:

Transparent Window Clings

All Transparent means that the entire design will be see-through including the text. If your artwork uses a small font, this is not the ideal choice as the text becomes hard to read.


Window Clings

Only Background Prints Clear indicates that the artwork stays while the background becomes see-through. This is the most popular option.


Window Clings

Make White Areas on File Print Clear indicates that the background and white design elements will become transparent. Everything else will remain in its solid color.



Follow File Transparency Settings enables you to indicate in your design file what sections are to be transparent. If you need help with this option, feel free to contact us.

Upload your full-color designs, logos, and window artwork at NextDayFlyers today! A custom designed window cling takes minutes to upload and purchase. Get them printed within a three-day turnaround time.

Marketing Ideas for Window Clings

There are a variety of creative ways to put window clings to use, and it’s not just clinging to windows. Here are some fun marketing ideas:
Promote Your Business
Custom window clings are ideal to use in restaurants, retail stores, beauty salons, spas, and other retail locations. Dress up windows to promote your brand, products and services, or special discounts. They also work great for simply displaying operating hours on a glass door.

If you drive a vehicle, why not promote your business everywhere you go? Apply clear window clings to vehicle windows to show your contact and business details.

Embellish Window Displays
Whether you’re a creative marketing director at a high-end department store or owner of a local boutique, window clings can be works of art that make people notice your store. Tie your design to a seasonal collection or the release of a new product. Make your promotions a big deal with a head-turning window cling decoration.

Decorate for the Season
Custom window clings are extra popular during holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. Take advantage of these heavy shopping times with storefront holiday sales messages and graphics.

Advertise at Point of Purchase
Create a point of purchase display with either clear or white static clings. Place them on smooth surfaces, panels, and other places in your business to grab attention. Window clings aren’t necessarily just for windows.

Promote at Trade Shows
Print window clings with logos and marketing messages to draw people into your booth at trade shows. Window clings are an ideal portable sign solution. Add them to panels, smooth walls, and other typical stand surfaces, and easily remove when the show’s over.


Are window clings reusable?
Yes, you can reuse window clings if you apply the non-printed side to a clean surface. Remove and store with care.

How do I determine which side of the window to apply my window clings?
There are two ways to apply window clings to be viewed from outside:

To apply in front of the window

  • Cling to a window outside on the non-printed side
  • Best choice for tinted windows
  • Offers maximum readability
  • Can be reused

To apply behind the window
  • Cling to a window inside on the printed side
  • Not suitable for tinted windows
  • Protects window cling from outside element

How quickly can I get my window clings?
We can print your window clings as quickly as three business days. Use our online calculator to get a delivery estimate.

How do you make window clings?
Step 1. Choose from our eight (8) standard sizes or opt for a custom size.

Step 2. Select either clear or white 8 mil. window cling.

Step 3. Determine the transparency of your artwork.

Step 4. Pick the application location.

Step 5. Set the quantity.

Step 6. Upload your artwork to our website and request for a free proof. Don’t have one? Create your artwork using our online design tool or call us at 844-380-9962 to use our professional design services.

Step 7. Checkout and wait for your custom window clings to arrive.

How do I install window clings?

It’s important that the surface to which you apply your window clings is clean. Follow these steps:

window clings

1. Clean. Thoroughly clean away dust and any other small particles from the glass surface so your static cling window ?lm adheres properly.


window clings

2. Peel. Start peeling off the backing at 2" from the top before peeling the rest off.


Window Clings

3. Apply. Wet the glass using a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Apply the window cling slowly and carefully starting from the top.


Window Clings

4. Squeegee. Working from the center out, use a squeegee or plastic card to smooth out the window cling and remove any liquid and air bubbles.


How do I determine which side of the window to apply my window clings?
There are two ways you can apply your window clings to make them seen from outside:

In front of the window
  • Apply on the non-printed side
  • Best choice for tinted windows
  • Offers maximum readability
  • Can be reuse

Behind the window
  • Apply on the printed side
  • Not suitable for tinted windows
  • Protects window cling from outside elements

How quickly can I get my window clings?
We can print your window clings in three business days. Use our online calculator to get a delivery estimate.

What’s the difference between a window cling and a window decal?
Window decals have an adhesive that allows it to stick to glass, which makes it last longer than a static cling. Decals are a great choice if you want your window graphics to last a long time.

On the other hand, window clings use static to adhere to a surface. When dirt gets in between the glass and the graphics, window clings tend to lose their grip. However, they are repositionable, which gives you wiggle room to adjust the placement of your graphics.

What kind of vinyl do you use for window clings?
We print window graphics on 8 mil. window clings. You can choose either clear (makes your design look like part of the glass) and white materials (best for bright, bold colors) materials.

How do I store window clings?
To store window cling films, lay the static side flat against its original paper backing. No more paper backing? Ordinary wax paper will do. You can also roll the window cling, with the graphics facing inward, to prevent dirt from settling. Store your window cling in cool place and away from sunlight.

How long do window clings last?
Custom window clings usually last up to six months. These window graphics tend to lose their suction because of dirt. However, you can clean them to help them stick again.

Can you make window clings stick again?
Window clings lose their holding power when they or the surface they cling on gets dirty. To clean a window cling film, use dishwashing soap and warm water to remove dirt and grime. Rinse with warm water and let it sit on a towel to dry.

Need a Layout Template?

Download any of the window cling layout templates available.