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Upgrade the Look of Any Surface With Transfer Stickers

Need an easy update or upgrade on your latest packaging, newest product, or next big promotional display? Design transfer stickers you can quickly apply and print them in small or large quantities. All custom stickers are made of adhesive vinyl that lasts and retains a sleek look wherever it’s displayed. Discover the features available for your next personalized lettering or branding elements.

Custom Sizes for Every Design

Indicate the exact dimensions of your transfer sticker logo or lettering. Start at the minimum 2” for the width and height; we can print anything that doesn’t exceed our maximum allowable dimensions 120” (width) x 53” (height). The online design tool lets you preview the custom size after you’ve selected your design’s exact specifications. Select “Start Your Design Online” below the online product calculator to see the exact dimensions on your browser.

Four Colors and the Right Cut to Match Your Brand

The words or graphics on your design can be designed with any of these four colors so that they stand out against a clear surface:

  • Black for a neutral and professional touch to your company name or product item.
  • Frosted finish if you need something subtle between white and gray.
  • Intense blue for a color that pops yet looks sleek on a clear or transparent surface.
  • White for a simple tone that’s visible and distinct against glass or plastic.

Transfer stickers come in two cut types. Select the cut style that will best suit your design:

  • Standard cut carves out each letter or shape according to your design seen or submitted.
  • Reverse cut comes with a solid background color from which all shapes, letters, and other elements will be cut out.

Easy Application on Any Surface

Include a squeegee to your cart if you’re ordering large transfer stickers. Using the squeegee makes it easier to apply the sticker on a surface such as your storefront window or glass door.

For smaller transfer stickers intended for packages or containers, the design’s printed parts can be applied by hand. The transfer tape on top of the adhesive vinyl holds the individual components of your design, so remember to remove the paper backing before placing it on your desired surface.

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