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4 Layout Design Tips for Effective Postcards

A postcard campaign is an optimal way to market. While some companies have replaced mail for email ads, savvy marketers realize people still check their snail mail each day. Many people delete emails before opening them, but people will look at a postcard in the mailbox as they sort the mail. A professionally printed and well-designed postcard is a solid marketing tool that can increase your returns. Follow the layout design tips below to create a successful postcard design that makes an impact.


Business Postcards with Purpose


A business postcard that features a company's name, logo, services, and contact information may seem like an effective advertising tool, but a clear, concise call-to-action can significantly increase customer response to a mailing, and is always recommended.

Ask recipients to take action using simple, direct language:"When your drain is clogged, call ABC Plumbers" or"Use this 50% off coupon in-store this weekend," for example. Without a call-to-action, your message is more likely to be lost in the postcard shuffle.


Tailor the Postcard's Design to the Audience


An audience-focused layout design is key. A red hot rod might grab attention, but if you're trying to sell more auto insurance policies to families or seniors, there is likely a more relevant choice!

Keep the target group in mind when you design the imagery and develop content. Different tones and styles appeal to different demographics - from seniors to parents to college students. This isn't to say that some postcards aren't meant to target multiple demographics; in such cases, imagery and content should engage all groups without alienating any one in particular.


Show More; Tell Less


A postcard is a small space - too small for an abundance of text. Because of this, design your postcard in a way that allows for creative use of imagery, and focus on using minimal, compelling text and dynamic design.

To make the most of the space you have, consider text and imagery together and choose elements that complement each other conceptually to communicate your message most effectively.


Customize the Postcard Design


Many businesses have revamped the standard business card to create highly original marketing tools that do more than simply provide contact information. The same principles that are used to create out-of-the-box business cards can be applied to postcard layout designs. Simply rounding the corners of your postcard design is a subtle attention grabber because it's slightly unusual. While you don't merely want to rely on small tactics to grab attention, little details can make your layout design really shine. Finally, use die-cuts or a matte finish to give your postcard an extra noticeable edge.