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Seal, Ship, and Save With Kraft Bubble Mailers

Save on packaging costs while staying on-brand. Use custom kraft bubble mailers to create a more personalized unboxing experience for your clients and customers without straining your budget. The kraft mailers are lined inside with bubble wrap to protect the contents and prevent damage while the package is in transit. This is the best packaging option for sending small, fragile items such as jewelry, documents, CDs, and small electronics.

Our bubble mailers are available in three different sizes with large print areas for your company name and logo. You can print on one or both sides of the padded kraft mailer. This product comes in three colors: white, brown, and gold/yellow. Take note that the material will show through the print and through white areas of the design if you choose brown or gold/yellow. If your design requires a white background or font, we highly recommend that you choose our white bubble mailer.

Benefits of Branded Kraft Bubble Mailers

  • Economical – Shipping orders in custom boxes can be costly. Custom kraft bubble mailers let you save both on packaging and shipping costs of documents and flat items without sacrificing their protection and your business’ branding.
  • Secure – The bubble wrap inside the mailers protects your products from damage and shifting during transit, while the self-sealing tab prevents tampering.
  • Compact – Space is at a premium these days. Bubble mailers can be stored flat, saving precious storage space.
  • Writable – The surface of kraft bubble mailers is writable, giving you the flexibility of adding personalized thank you messages or short reminders on your packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity for kraft bubble mailers?
You can order as few as 100 pieces of kraft bubble mailers.

How big should my design be for my custom kraft mailer?
The dimensions of the print area would depend on the size of the mailer will need.

6.5” x 9” – design should not exceed 6” W x 8” H
8.5” x 11” – design should not exceed 8” W x 10” H
10.5” x 15” - design should not exceed 8” W x 14” H

Are your kraft bubble mailers made of recyclable materials?
Not all curbside bin programs and local centers have the capacity to recycle bubble mailers since they are composed of different layers of materials. Since they are built to last, you can reuse them as packaging or you can repurpose them as storage for letters, bills, and other documents.

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