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EDDM vs Traditional Mail Services [Infographic]

Recently updated on January 19th, 2018 at 11:58 pm

Direct mail marketing is a staple of every marketer’s portfolio. Its effectiveness as a strategy is evident in its lengthy history. Dating as far back as Egyptian civilization to its boom after the invention of the printing press, direct mail advertising has been refined to meet the changing marketing trends.

For the past few decades, direct mail marketing has brought shopping into just about every household in the world. It found a perfect partner with internet shopping. Furthermore, it has helped shaped the American consumer landscape, both online and offline.

Two Direct Mail Types

Today, marketers and business owners have a choice between two direct mail types—the traditional targeted direct mail marketing and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Marketing offered by the United States Postal Service.

Traditional direct mail targets people specifically chosen to suit your product.  You can personalize brochures, postcards, and flyers to a specific type of person or household based on your targeted mailing list. Every Door Direct Mail on the other hand  targets customers based on USPS postal carrier routes. “Every Door,” or every mailbox, in the postal routes you select will be mailed to at a more economical postage rate than a traditional mailing.

At NextDayFlyers we offer products and services for both traditional and EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaigns. Do you want to know which one is right for you?

To help, we have created an infographic that shows the pros and cons of each so you can compare it to the needs of your campaign. Bookmark, save or print it so you have a quick reference on the advantages and disadvantages of Every Door Direct Mail vs traditional mail services.

Traditional direct mail vs eddm infographic


To summarize, consider using Every Door Direct Mail if you want to target an area regardless of household demographics. EDDM is very cost-effective especially for businesses that provide universally needed services to the neighborhood. Use the traditional direct mail approach if you want to target a specific demographic for your direct mail campaign.



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