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Mailer Boxes

  • Print-ready in 20-25 business days
  • Printed on corrugated cardstock
  • Available in different sizes

Customized sizes

Easy-to-use design tool

Recyclable materials

Full-color printing inside & out

No minimum quantity to order

Mailer Boxes, Printed Right on Time.

Custom Mailer Boxes That Elevate the Unboxing Experience

Create mailer boxes that stand out as soon as they arrive at your customer’s doorstep. Your subscription boxes, e-commerce deliveries, or promotional kits can readily engage with a colorful and crisp representation of your brand on the packaging.

Custom mailer boxes provide all the advantages of having your products shipped. These lightweight boxes are easy to assemble and affordable to have shipped. Made of durable corrugated cardboard, each mailer box can withstand external forces while its on the go.

Design Custom Mailer Boxes With NextDayFlyers

Whether its for shipping products to customers or mailing promotional kits to influencers, mailer boxes offer a fun way to present your products in an appealing manner. Your box can be created to fit the product size you need, allowing you to arrange them for the ultimate unboxing experience.

At NextDayFlyers, you can customize every detail of your mailer box printing: from its size, shape, material, and coating. Use our intuitive online design tool to create your design – add your logo, brand colors, and images to make a custom box that’s uniquely yours.

Popular Mailer Box Sizes

Choose from a wide range of custom mailer box sizes. The size you select refers to the interior dimensions:

  • Length: 3" – 25"
  • Width: 2" – 25"
  • Depth: 1" – 15"

Sturdy and Stylish Corrugated Cardboard Options

Your mailer boxes will be printed on durable corrugated cardboard. It protects the items it carries in transit. Plus, your customers can recycle the box after they’ve received your package. There are 2 thicknesses depending on the size of your box: the thinner 1/16 E-Flute and thicker 1/8 B-Flute.

We offer two colors that suit everything from a minimalist to a rustic design:

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard

  • The cost-efficient, go-to choice for this box type
  • Comes in a smooth, uncoated finish
  • Thick enough to withstand multiple handlings and deliveries

Premium White Corrugated Cardboard With Glossy Ink

  • Print your design in extra shiny, high-gloss UV and complement it with a radiant white background
  • Perfect for designs with vivid details and colors

Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard

  • The default look and finish of corrugated cardboard
  • Perfect for natural or rustic-themed designs or products such as organic items

A Faster Process Every Step of the Way

Compared to traditional custom box manufacturers, NextDayFlyers produces your order faster from start to finish. See how soon your request will arrive with these typical times:

Traditional Box Manufacturers
several days
on our online tool, as fast as you like
coordinate with a designer for weeks
6-8 business days
1-2 months
ships directly from a US production facility
ships from a factory across the world
In a hurry? Get your mailer boxes printed fast through our Rush option. On the calculator, tick “Rush Production” to expedite your order, and we’ll have your order printed in 6 to 8 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a sample mailer box before committing to a larger quantity order?

Yes, you can order 1 mailer box that will be printed according to your size, material, design, and other printing specifications. Production time of samples will take between 5 business days.

How can I accurately measure the interior dimensions of the mailer box?
  • Open the box and make sure the interior is facing you while you make the following measurements:
  • The length is measured from the left to right sides of the box.
  • The width is measured from the front to the back sides of the box.
  • The depth is measured from the top to the bottom of the box.
Can I print on both sides of the mailer box?

Yes, you can print on both sides of the mailer box. Under "Printed Sides" on the online calculator, select "Outside & Inside - Full Color".


Real Reviews from Real Customers

"I have been using NextDayFlyers for the past 8 years. The quality is excellent. What you submit is what you get. Even better still is the customer service. They will contact you if they see any questionable design flaws. I am not a professional designer, so I appreciate the extra care in them looking out for me"
Doug Samuelson
"Really good company to deal with, Ive swapped all my offset printing to NextDayFlyers. Would highly recommend."
James Wilson
South Carolina
"You folks never disappoint.! I enjoy seeing my hard work in print. Your attention to detail and promptness in shipping always always amazes me. Thank You!"