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Which Type of Marketer Are You? [Interactive Quiz and Infographic]

Recently updated on November 17th, 2017 at 11:25 pm

Marketers across different industries and brands only have one goal in mind—to promote their products and services to their target market. But they all have different approaches as to how to achieve this goal. In this infographic, I’ve compiled the several types of marketers you will find across brands and businesses.

But before that, how about answering a short quiz?

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Here are the rest of the possible results in a nifty infographic. So which type of marketer are you?

Which type of marketer are you infographic

1. The First Mover

First Movers are always in the forefront of marketing, experimenting with the newest technologies and innovations. They are the early adopters, perhaps even the inventor of a marketing strategy. You will often see this type of marketer subscribed to the latest marketing news, especially on the developer blogs of the software and websites they use. Sometimes, they will have their own personal blog where they post their own findings and commentary on new marketing developments. First Movers are characterized by their affinity to experimentation, risk-taking, and can-do attitude.

2. The Creative

Artists and writers often fall into this type of marketer. The Creative is almost always the best marketer for branding activities. Most of their work can have great potential to go viral on social media. They come up with that branding slogan, marketing tagline, or content that resonates well with the target market. They are always looking for creative inspiration, working hand-in-hand with The Analyst and The Social Trendsetter to identify these. And more often than not, they have the messiest work station.

3. The Penny Pincher

This type of marketer is the best friend of their company’s finance department. Penny Pinchers are very resourceful. This type of marketer will always prioritize saving the most money sometimes at the cost of The Creative’s vision. But don’t be put off by this type of persona. The Penny Pincher knows how to balance efficiency with effectiveness. They know how to make the most out of every marketing budget that you give them. The Penny Pincher collaborates with The Analyst in identifying opportunities for cost reduction. Finally, they are also great with recycling and repurposing content.

4. The Analyst

They can never live without numbers and graphs. The Analyst is the polar opposite of the Creative, always nose deep on analytics software and data from market research. They are the master of several marketing models and will always use these as framework when giving presentations to executives. Analysts use data to identify market opportunities. Like Archimedes, they will more likely scream in joy when they find something that they could use to their advantage. More often than not, they are the most logical and very much reliable when identifying problems in strategies. If you start your day with coffee and Google Analytics, then you definitely belong in this group.

5. The Old Schooler

Consistency and risk-aversion are the number one most distinguishable character trait of The Old Schooler. As the opposite of The First Mover, they will always use the marketing method that is proven to be effective. They usually have decades of experience under their belt and they know what works for their industry. As veterans of their respective business, they are consistent in their marketing plans with proven advertising formulas. These marketers are usually hands-on in interacting with the target market. Oftentimes, they will use direct marketing, such as employing people to talk to potential customers or using direct mail.

6. The Optimizer

There’s an internet joke that goes like this: “A Search Engine Optimizer walks into a bar, bars, beer garden, hangout, lounge, night club, mini bar, bar stool, tavern, pub, beer, wine, whiskey….” If you laughed at that statement, then you know how it feels to be The Optimizer or to work with one. Armed with Google’s keyword planner, they harness insights through their target market’s searching habits. They will always address the search needs of their consumers, often creating content that answers even the most obscure search queries. Sometimes, they are at odds with The Creative, since they will always optimize their content to be search engine ready.

7. The Social Trendsetter

As a digital native, The Social Trendsetter is an expert when it comes to social media insights and trends. Their primary weapon is the hashtag, and they will always look for the latest trending topic that they could use in their marketing campaigns. These marketers are open to collaboration with fellow social media marketers, with discussions ranging from optimal social media posting times to the most effective social network for different content.

Did I miss anything? Did I get something wrong? Tell us your thoughts below.


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