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Top 3 Print Products for Marketing your Photography Business

Recently updated on October 16th, 2017 at 07:53 pm

Successful photographers cannot simply rely on their talent and creativity to be successful. They also need to be good business people and expert self-promoters.

With this in mind, photographers may want to invest more in their print promotions as the busy season of weddings, proms, events, etc. approaches. As the summer season nears, sending examples of photography work to clients and customers should be a no-brainer. Great imagery defines the photographer and sending people examples of this imagery is essential.

Working for a major print company has given me an insight into some of the clever and creative ways that photographers promote themselves. The following list outlines three print products that photographers often use for their promotions:


photographer postcard mailer
Photographers postcard mailer for event season

Direct Mail Promotions

The postcard mailer above is an example of the type of promotion that can be very successful for photographers during the events season. When delivered to targeted customers in your locale, the postcard mailer is a tried and tested technique that pays off every time. Use your best shots and ensure that you’ll be remembered and contacted.

Always include your address, phone number and web links in your mailers. As an extra incentive, you may also want to include a special promotion, such as, “mention this postcard offer when phoning and receive 20% off my usual rates.”


Example of a booklet we printed for a Photographer that was used as a direct mail campaign

Portfolio Booklets & Mailers

Booklets that showcase your photography are the ultimate in photography promotion. They are often used by photographers to target event companies, art directors, galleries, and other important clientele. However, they can also be used in larger mailing campaigns for general customer targeting. Especially in the event season when brides-to-be are looking for that “special someone” to take their wedding shots.

A booklet also presents you with the opportunity to show your diversity. This is useful for photographers who specialize in all kinds of wedding, portrait, event, and studio photography.

Use the extra promotional space in your booklet to surface information about yourself and your experience. Good items to message are:

  • Your resume and/or experience
  • List of large clients and major projects
  • Your rates
  • Your process and techniques
  • Your enthusiasm and love of photography

Just like with all other print promotions, make sure you include your address and contact details in your booklet promotions.


calendar for photographers
Examples of calendars for self-promotion – seen every day and very effective


Calendars are a fun marketing product that you can give to customers and clients as a gift. The best thing about this calendar gift is that it’s likely to be hung in a customer’s home or a client’s office – a year-long reminder of your talent and the need for your services.

Calendars are especially effective for photographers who specialize in portraits of pets, babies, and other things cute and cuddly! People love to hang cute dogs or babies on their walls. Even if you just want to celebrate your work over the last 12 months with your family and favorite clients, a calendar is the perfect marketing tool to get people to look at and discuss your work.

Be sure to include your numbers, contact, and web links on every page to make maximum use of your calendar promotion and to present your details easily to everyone who may see it.

The Importance of Quality Printing

As a photographer, quality of your visuals is critical. That’s why NextDayFlyers has always been a favorite of photographers because we can honestly say that our print product is of a consistent quality that does justice to your creative work. We provide offset printing in higher resolutions to ensure that the fine details in your photographs are not lost.

We can also provide all-in-one Mailing Services so that you can send your promotions to print and send them directly to your customers – a hassle-free way to self promote.

One thought on “Top 3 Print Products for Marketing your Photography Business

  1. This is a great article!

    Many of my photographer and illustrator friends can really benefit from these types of printed pieces for their beautiful creations.

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