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The Social Media Sheriff #13: Social #Winning with Charlie Sheen and lots more!

The Sheriff rides back into town for another round-up of the latest in Social Media tips, tools, news, inspiration and all around one heck of a good ol’ time! Get social strategy tips from Social Media industry experts, optimize your social strategy, get a starter kit for your social strategy and make your social strategy just like Charlie Sheen’s…. a #winning one!

8 Hot Social Media Tips From Eight Industry Experts

Facebook “Likes” More Profitable Than Tweets

How to optimize your social strategy for pre- and post-purchase audiences

3 Social Media Lessons from Charlie Sheen

10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your LinkedIn Account

Who owns social media?

Is Social Media Content Killing Your Business?

Gamification 101 – building a participation chain that keeps customers engaged

Starter kit for a social media strategy

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