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The Art of Design #12: Bookmarks

Bookmarks! Everyone’s favorite place holder is a great way to get your message across while being useful to a customer’s everyday life. They’ll see it at their most information absorbing and is one of the cheapest marketing tools you can invest in. So much creativity can be spent on these little guys beyond the typical rectangle, so that’s why this week we have brought you some great inspiration, tips & ideas for keeping your message in the eye of your customer; even if its in bed, on the subway or in the library… shhhhh.

This week on The Art of Design: Bookmarks.

14 Amazing Bookmark Designs


Bookmark Design Tips/Essentials

Marketing On A More Personal Level with Bookmarks

5 Creative Bookmarks

Modern and Creative Bookmark Designs

Creative Bookmarks inspired by Spike Milligan

Creative Wedding Bookmark Ideas

Some of The Great Benefits Of Bookmarks In Business

Tips on Creating Great Designs for Your Bookmarks


Bookmark Printing – One Essential business promoting tool

Where to Get Free Bookmark Templates


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