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Month: April 2011

Our Daily Best: Week of April 25th

As we bid April a fond farewell, we cautiously dip our toes into May. Over the past five days, we’ve savored the sage advice found in Tips & Bits. We’ve been schooled by the wealth of valuable information brought to our attention by The Art of Design and Graphic Design Roundup. And we felt the power of Photobomb’s substance. Let it all happen to you!

Copy Chat: A Handful of Tips to Improve Your Writing

Most writers make a similar mistake (who can blame them?). They believe that people love to read – an easy assumption to make because most writers love to read. Becoming a better writer requires this perception to be set aside and write to a reader who is reluctant at best and is, for the most part, resistant to reading at all.

Photobomb #27: Tips for lighting, tips for editing and tips for smiling

Do you take pictures? Or do you create photography? Point and shoot or DSLR? Personal or as a business? Either way, you can always benefit from learning something new! This week we have tips on lighting, food, editing, macro and the most important of them all….getting a woman to smile.

Photobomb is here and you should be too!