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Sweet Spot #15: Do I Make Scents to you?

Recently updated on December 16th, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Have you ever torn out one of those fragrance ads in a magazine to test out a new scent? I know I have.

I do a lot of party planning for my friends and the next one I have coming up is a baby shower for my bestest of all bestest of friends. She’s a paper lover like me, so the usual Evite won’t do; it’s got to be old-fashioned invites sent through the mail! I’m wracking my brain for cool ideas, and an ad for perfume caught my eye… er… nose! Wouldn’t baby powder–scented invitations be so fitting?!

It wasn’t until I dove into Scent Marketing that I found out there are many applications for scents. Scent-infused paper, clear scented labels, scented varnish, the nostalgic scratch-n-sniff, magazine-style fragrance strips… it’s all very appetizing!

Heck, I work at a printing company; I had to share this with all of you! In an age where everything is going digital, isn’t simple, elegant paper a breath of fresh air? As valued clients of Next Day Flyers, we know that you love paper as much as we do. How do you think scented marketing would affect your campaigns? Would it come up roses? or stink up the room? Leave comments with feedback; we’re listening!

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7 thoughts on “Sweet Spot #15: Do I Make Scents to you?

  1. Since more and more people seem to have lost the ability to handle the chemical smells in this world, I’d hate to add to their discomfort by forcing even more pollution on them via MY advertising. But golly gee! doesn’t a pine-scented holiday greeting sound great? Yes. Therefore, I’d need a product that gives the recipient the OPTION to smell, as the scratch-and-sniff patch would do.

    Off the topic, why is there no apostrophe in “Whats Next?” on this page? Good design with lousy punctuation is not good design.

  2. I used to have a lawn care business that I think would really have stood out in my advertising had I had a “fresh grass” scent. It would definitely grabbed more attention.

    I’m not sure how it would impact my current wedding photography business though. Thoughts?

  3. I LOVE this idea. It’s wonderful on so many levels.

    1) engages/call to action for your audience — “sniff it”
    2) surprising
    3) new impression – smell/scent impression.

    We’re an online parent resource so I’ve been thinking about what would work for us…perhaps the sweet new baby scent or baby powder.

    Dirty diaper scent for a diaper service biz card would be so FUNNY. You sure wouldn’t forget that company.

  4. When Barbara says in reference to the problem with no apostrophe in “Whats Next?” on this page, “Good design with lousy punctuation is not good design” I think of it in terms of good marketing with lousy punctuation (and/or spelling) is lousy marketing.

    I’ve noticed the use of “its” when it should have been “it’s”. (The grammar rule is very simple: “it’s” is simply a contraction of “it is.” If “it is” doesn’t work in the sentence, then “it’s” is the wrong usage. Same with “Whats Next”… the meaning was “What IS Next”.

    I’ve noticed misspellings on big corporations’ websites like General Motors. How true, how lousy spelling/punctuation can make an otherwise clean, crisp, professional presentation so lame in the end. This site has always been that to me, very professional, well organized, etc. It just maybe could use a spelling/grammar editor.

    ..just my $0.02 worth. Your mileage may vary.

  5. Yes, I would agree. My focus is mainly baby shower invitations. Simple and elegant should be more of the focus of a gift card instead of something catchy. I also love gift cards that have meaning so definitley an inscription on the card would mean more than the scent.

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