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Classic and Quirky Vintage Letterhead Designs That Take the Creativity Crown

Recently updated on March 21st, 2016 at 10:00 pm

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Despite advances in technology that allow us to ditch snail mail correspondence for email, sending a typed or hand-written message on paper is still widely regarded as a way to communicate with a more personal touch. Many individuals, professionals, businesses, and organizations use letterhead today for formal correspondence, to follow traditional business or personal etiquette, or simply because they prefer a more tangible method of communication.

The word “letterhead” originated in 1887 as a shortened version of “letterheading”, which was used to describe the top of a letter (or the “head”) which contained the sender’s name and address, or to refer to the entire sheet of paper itself. In the 19th century, letterhead were created using either movable type or engraving & lithography. Then in the 20th century, the size of letter paper became smaller to adapt to typewriters. Today, people can easily design their own letterhead on their computer and have it professionally printed to make a statement.

When it comes to letterhead design, there are some who see it as a simple sheet of letter paper with a name, address and phone number typed at the top. For others, it’s a piece of stationery whose header is an opportunity to add personality into otherwise boring and routine letter.

Here are some examples of beautiful vintage letterhead, along with a few names you may even recognize.


Walcker Orgelbau Pipe Organs vintage letterhead
Walcker Orgelbau Pipe Organs, 1892



Brady Motorfrate vintage letterhead
A Mondrian-inspired letterhead by Brady Motorfrate, 1961



Bob Kane Batman vintage letterhead
Comic book artist and writer Bob Kane’s Batman letterhead



Gene Autry vintage letterhead
“Singing cowboy” Gene Autry’s letterhead, 1949



Robot Salesmen, Ltd vintage letterhead
Letterhead for the mysterious Robot Salesmen Ltd., c. 1930-1940


Barnum & Bailey vintage letterhead
Barnum & Bailey Circus’ letterhead, 1909



McLure Hotel vintage letterhead
McLure Hotel vintage letterhead



Nikola Tesla antique letterhead
Nikola Tesla, c. 1900



Grauman's Chinese Theatre vintage letterhead
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, 1949



Charlie Chaplin Music Publishing Co. vintage letterhead
Charlie Chaplin Music Publishing Co., 1916



Harry Houdini antique letterhead
Harry Houdini antique letterhead


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