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Beyond Design: Andrew Tester

Andrew is a man wedded to his passions. He considers design to be his wife and photography to be his mistress. Highly talented, Andrew has designed junior Graphic Tees for the Max and Miley Cyrus line, and a couple of years ago he started the design firm, Golden Ticket Photography // Design. His goal of creating a place where designers and artists could expand their creativity and exceed their potential has worked; Golden Ticket is growing and successful.

Andrew Tester (;

NDF: How did you first begin with design?

Andrew: I first started designing back in 2004. I was a 15 year old sophomore at Victor Valley High School. I became addicted and totally obsessed with the graphic arts program ran by Rick Garcia. This class was hands on experience with screen printing, making stickers, off-set printing, heat transfers – you name it. The class was everything to do with printing and design and I couldn’t get enough of it. I remember ditching all my other classes for 2 years just to learn more and push the limits of printing and design. I felt as if I was a mad scientist in a lab with all the resources to create anything I imagined.

After I graduated from high school I kept designing. No matter what I was doing, my computer was always open running the Adobe creative suite, and watching tutorials. I designed merchandise for my band while I was touring, and would come home printing out of a friends garage, designing for clothing lines, locals business and making a little bit of money. I knew that this was something that I could never stop doing.

NDF: What drew you to photography?

Andrew: Photography was never something I was interested in until I started hitting major road blocks in design. While working on design projects I’d find myself searching for images for hours on the web, in order to find the right images to use to make design resources i.e. vector graphics, textures, brushes, and patterns. I was constantly being let down by images that were not the right size, were the wrong ordination, or wrong pose or, you name it. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Call me picky, but If I had an idea I wouldn’t settle for something less. On top of that, it made everything so much easier and let me grow as a designer.

I feel like photography chose me. Really what drew me to becoming a photographer was the opportunity to use real living things, people, locations, and ideas, to create a story, or piece of art. It was like learning to design in a whole new way. I consider design to be my wife and photography to be my mistress. The world is my canvas and photography is my creative outlet to show the world how things look from my eyes.


NDF: Tell us a little about Golden Ticket photography/design.

Andrew: I started Golden Ticket Photography/Design in late 2008 after working in the apparel industry for 2 years as a graphic designer for BCBG Max Azria, designing their juniors Graphic Tees for their Max and Miley Cyrus line for Wal-Mart, Max Rave, and BCBGeneration stores. I felt like I was being called to start my own design agency offering my talent to not only one company but to everyone. I felt as this was my Golden Ticket – my chance to get out of the cut throat corporate fashion industry to create a design firm where designers and artists alike have a place to expand their creativity, exceed their potential, and feel great about the projects they are working on. All the work Golden Ticket Photography / Design produces is based off quality and not quantity, bringing to life the visions of our clients.

NDF: Where do you find your inspiration?

Andrew: I find Inspiration everywhere. It can be anything from a huge billboard on the sunset strip, to a crack in the pavement. I’m always trying to see things differently, looking deeper, creating imaginary pieces of art in my mental sketch book. I always find myself skimming through random magazines, books, blogs, and taking pictures on my phone of things I see just to keep my mind a open place for creativity to grow.

One of the things that I always try to do is see the beauty in the broken.


NDF: Do you have central themes running through your work?

Andrew: I don’t feel like I have a specific theme running through all my work, but I definitely know that all my work has my own artistic stamp on it to the point where if my work was in a pile with other artists and designers, you would be able to pick mine out of the group.

NDF: Tell us about your most recent work.

Andrew: The most recent work that Golden Ticket Photography / Design is doing includes branding projects, photo shoots, and a new complete season release for Convicted Sinner, a clothing line that Golden Ticket Photography / Design has branded from day one. We are excited to say we will be creating their whole new line and shooting the entire catalogue, look book, and press photos for them – as well as web and print. 2011 is starting off great!


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