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Photobomb #13: iPhone Apps, Free Album Templates, DIY, & an Exercise Plan

Back again with a grab bag of photography resources, tips, inspiration and overall photobomb goodness! We hooked up your iPhone, your wedding albums, your valentines day and even your old photos that have just been sitting there. Keep shooting with this week’s Photobomb!

The Best Photography Apps for the iPhone

300 Free Album Templates, Layouts, Backgrounds, and Edges

Free Valentine’s Day Photo Mini Card Templates

How to Build a DIY Camera Foot Switch

How to Create a Slow Motion Effect with Photos Using After Effects

20 Ideas: An Exercise Plan That Won’t Help You Lose Weight But Will Help You Become a Better Photographer

7 Tips For Great Low Angle Shots

How Do I Get My Photography Business Noticed Online?

10 Secrets to Successful Online Photo Portfolios

Make an Epic Color Mashup with 3 Photos You Already Have

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