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Art of Design #21: Brochures

This week on the The Art of Design we have returned to our good friends The Brochure. It might be the most versatile of print, because of all the variations you can do with folds, sizes, colors and really just the overall presentation. Mixing important information with elaborate design; making sure that the reader does not get overwhelmed with either; the brochure can be a tricky item to master. To help you, we’ve brought you tips on how to design the best one you can, inspiration to give you ideas and even a few templates to get you started! Start designing today!

20 Brilliant Modern Brochure Design Ideas


44 Best Tri Fold Brochure Templates


Designing a Brochure Hands-On Workshop


Free Template of Tri-fold Brochure Design


How to Create Beautifull Brochure Design


Tutorial for an Indesign Brochure


Collection of Professional Brochure Design Tutorials


25+ Brochure Design Inspiration


Brochure Design Makeover


Showcase of Brochure Designs for Your Inspiration


Photoshop Tutorial:How to Create Brochure Mockups


Tips on Making Effective Brochure Design


10 Tips for a Great Brochure Design


5 Designing Tips for a Call to Action Corporate Brochure


Tips for a Good Promotional Brochure Designs


6 Tips for Tri Fold Brochure Design


20 Marvelous Examples of Brochure Design for Inspiration


10 Tips for Designing & Printing Business Brochures


50 Creative Brochure Designs for Your Inspiration


Ready-made Trifold Brochure Design Templates


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