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How Strategy Relates to a Direct Mail Campaign

A recent study by eMarketer found more small and medium-sized business find direct mail to be more effective than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other web-based channels. However, direct mail is not without its downsides, and a failed mailing campaign can be much more detrimental than a failed social media strategy.

One of the reasons why so many businesses either fail or find little return on investment as a result of their direct print marketing initiatives is because they run carelessly into an idea, assuming that the promise of placing a postcard or brochure in consumers' hands will do the trick.

In reality, the content, message and design are more important than how effectively the mail is able to reach a prospect. For that reason, small businesses in particular need to think strategically about how their marketing material will be acquired and consumed by targets.

"As a business owner/manager, you must market yourself based on the real best reason to do business with you," Greg Brown writes for TMC Net. "There might be many impressive aspects to your company, but think about the reason people will actually choose to buy."

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