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5 Free Marketing Tips to Increase the Visibility of your Business

What’s Next?. This month’s topic “Successful Marketing Ideas to Increase the Visibility of Your Business” comes from David Keane. Congratulations David! He just won a credit for 250 free business cards.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had hefty budgets to help us increase the visibility of our business? Well, maybe next year. In the meantime, here are some ideas you may not have thought about that have worked for others. Many of them fall under the category of public relations – more important than ever in the current social marketing climate. And these ideas won’t cost you money, just an investment of your time.

5 Free Marketing Tips to Increase the Visibility of your Business

1. Become an Online Expert

Everyone is an expert – or can become an expert – at something. Choose an area within your industry that you know something about or are highly interested in. Research the area to fill out your knowledge, find out what others are talking about within the area, and find resources. Keep good records of what you find so you can refer to them as needed. Then develop articles, PDF downloads, online newsletters, or any other method for displaying your knowledge. This raises your business profile and when people see you as an expert they are more trusting of your business.

2. Public Speaking1

Public speaking not only makes you and your business credible, it’s great brand exposure. Additionally, public speaking forces you to increase your own industry knowledge. When you’re first starting out you may need to speak “free of charge” but at some point you might be able to charge. At the end of your talks make sure to mention some sort of offer, for instance, a free download on your website, to bring audience members to you online.

3. Write for professional publications1

Many industries have publications – online and off – that are great places to submit when you’re working on getting your company name out there and profiling your business as an expert resource within your industry. Search for a publications writer’s guidelines then follow their process for article length and focus. Often you will need to submit a query letter which is basically a 1-2 paragraph proposal on what you want to write about, along with your credentials.

4. Become a Quote Source for News Media2

Reporters are sometimes in need of a quote from an authority. The process of getting your name in the loop is not too difficult. Tech Republic blog does a nice job of breaking this down. Begin by identifying a reporter, and then introduce yourself by phone or email. If you speak on the phone ask the reporter if they are on deadline and if they are, offer to call back. If you send an email include a very short bio or resume and “stress why your knowledge is important to the reporter’s readers.” Don’t speak for your company unless you have permission.

5. Get listed in web directories2

If you are a local business make sure you submit your site to “Google Maps, Yahoo! Local,, and other local search engines that offer free listing service.”3 Angie’s List (  is a great site that lists information about service companies in your area.
Also, search your city’s website for links to places that list local businesses. And if you have a blog make sure it’s listed in Google Blog Search and Technorati Blog Search.

4 thoughts on “5 Free Marketing Tips to Increase the Visibility of your Business

  1. I love these ideas.

    I would also like to add build a strong social media presence as well through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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