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5 Tips on How to Design a Door Hanger

Looking to Print Door Hangers soon? Check out these helpful tips on how to design a door hanger to ensure your promotion goes as smoothly as possible!

1. Hierarchy of Text

Door hangers are not very big, so this means you will not have much room for text. In order to make the most of your copy you need to have a clear hierarchy of text. A big bold headline is often a great way to grab attention, followed by mid-sized text with more details and finally information on your offer, product or service and how they can take advantage of what you are telling them about. Information such as phone numbers should also be relatively large in size.

Also, be sure the font sizes of your hierarchy levels are different enough so that users can clearly make out the most important information first. The size differences will also add contrast allowing people to read the copy of your door hanger quickly and easily.

You can also try adding white space between different blocks of text to make reading even easier. White space is simply open space between two areas making the text and design feel more open. White space is proven to make reading easier and will help hold a viewers attention for longer.

2. Powerful Imagery

Since door hangers are often small, you need powerful imagery to draw in a person’s eye. Once you have grabbed their attention with interesting visuals, they will be more likely to read the text on your door hanger and either save the door hanger or take you up on your “call to action” right away.

Stock photo sites such as iStockPhoto have tons of great high-quality photos available that you can download and include in your door hanger designs. Even if you do not use a photo of say a person or object, you should consider using and eye catching background design or colors. Just make sure your text is readable over the background and if it is not, you can always add a block of color behind the text to make it pop and add contrast.

3. Call to Action

A door hanger is pointless unless you have a clear call to action allowing you can make a return on your investment. Call to actions can vary greatly, but the most common ones are getting people to call a number, send an email, visit a website or take advantage of a sale or coupon of some sort. So make sure the point of your door hanger is clear or people will not know what to do with them.

Even if your door hanger is going to say “thank you” you can still pitch some sort of offer to make sure the customers return again.

4. Proper Door Hanger Template

When you are designing a door hanger it is essential that you use an accurate door hanger template from your printer. has great 4.25 x 11 Door Hanger Templates available for free, which includes the correct file size, bleed, trim marks and color profiles! This will help ensure your door hangers come out great when you print with

5. Professional Door Hanger Printing

A great door hanger design is important, but a bad printing job can quickly destroy all your hard work and invested money for your door hanger promotion. NextDayFlyers offer cutting-edge Door Hanger Printing to help ensure your door hanger’s edges, color, card stock and overall printing quality come out amazing.

One thought on “5 Tips on How to Design a Door Hanger

  1. because die-cutting is sometimes unpredictable, i recommend against putting any important text in the top portion of the door hanger (2 inches is my rule of thumb). unfortunately clients seem to think this is the best place to put their logo & phone number or worse yet, insist that offsetting the die cut to the left or right will give them more space for design elements.

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