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25 Fabulous Full Color Brochures

Brochures need to make an IMPACT and that’s why many designers and business owners opt to have their brochures printed in full color. Most of the time it’s a brochure’s job to sell a product or service and since brochures are often taken home they need to do the work of a salesperson with text and images.

Having your brochures printed in full color can really make photos pop and it allows a designer to use color in many other ways such as to direct the viewer’s eyes to important text. Below is a nice sampling of full-color brochure designs from around the web to inspire anyone who designs or is going to print brochures for a marketing campaign.

Full-Color Brochures


2 thoughts on “25 Fabulous Full Color Brochures

  1. Thanks for these 25 fabulous full color brochure samples! Much of my audience and most of my clients are over 40, so one of my biggest challenges is to try to create clear, easily readable and elegant copy without compromising on the design. A big challenge!
    Gay Finkelman

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