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How to Add Value to Your Fold Over Business Cards

Introducing a New Next Day Flyers’ Product – the Fold Over Business Card!

We’re all familiar with business cards and the fact that they are a vital element in business marketing. When we introduced rounded-corner business cards to you last year I wrote an article that had a list of 21 things to consider putting on your business card. With a fold over business card, you still need to decide on basic information to put on your business cards. However, with a folded business card you have twice the space as a regular card, which gives you the opportunity to add more value. More value means your customers are more likely to keep the card for future reference. Here are some value-add ideas for your folding business card.

  • Punch Card
    This is great for frequent users. You know the routine – buy 7 coffees and get the next one free. Add a series of punch markers and make sure that when you design your cards you place the markers in a position where punching them out won’t affect any important information on the other side of the card.
  • Schedule
    Include a schedule of events or upcoming sales and promotions. You can easily tie this into a coupon which can be part of your card, as well.                      
  • Survey1
    This is a nifty way to get some customer data. They fill out the short survey, which is printed on the card and then turn it in for a special discount.
  • Advertisement
    With four sides to choose from, on a fold over business card, you have room for a nice ad, including an eye-popping graphic.
  • List
    You can use the inside of the card to list your products or services, for instance, special spa packages.
  • Map
    A location map is a nice touch.
  • Note Space
    How many times have you wished there was room on the business card someone just handed you to jot down a few notes? You can make the back of your card a decorative empty space for just that purpose. Don’t be afraid to title it, “Notes.”
  • Two-part Folded Message2
    Put your teaser, part of a quote, or something a little mysterious, on the front of your card. When the customer opens the card they get the punch line or something to ponder.
  • Use the Folds
    Do you have a product or service that allows you to use the fold of the card to your advantage? For example, if you are an author, make the card into a “book.” Use the front as the cover of your book and when the customer opens it up, they see a table of contents which displays your company information. 

Folded business cards are a great solution when you need more room, or want to stand out and do something just a little different to market yourself and your business. 


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