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The Art of Design #14: Booklets

Booklets are tiny books or magazines which lay around in conference halls, offices and waiting rooms. They serve both marketing purposes and informational purposes and since they are usually filled with lots of elements, they need to look good and be informative in order to focus users’ attention and effectively convey the message.

We can help! Find tips, inspiration, resources and more in this week’s The Art of Design: Booklets.


33 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Catalog and Booklet Designs


Booklet Design Tips

Effective Design Principles for Booklets

7 Tips to Improve Your Booklet Content

5 Quick Tips for Designing Your Booklet Printing Cover

Practical Layout Tips for your Booklet

Create an out-of-the-ordinary booklet


6 Booklet Design Elements That Will Get Your Customers To Take You Seriously

How to Design a Booklet for Beginners

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