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Print Coupon Consumption Continues to Skyrocket

While consumer demand is increasingly focused on digital alternatives to everything from shopping to friendly correspondence, there are a few mediums that have been left unchanged for decades now. One of those channels that is actually on the rise is coupons.

Whether inserted in flyers or newsletters, handed out at grocery stores or delivered via direct mail, print coupon consumption never seems to falter and only skyrockets during economic downturns.

According to Keloland Television, the average American household can save $1,000 per year by spending 20 minutes a week gathering coupons.

"It not only brings them into the store to use the coupon, but while they're there, they tend to spend more money," Dale Hannasch, owner of a direct mail coupon distribution company, told the source. "It helps the business and person because they get a better deal."

What's more, the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer print coupons to online versions. Suzie Brown, CMO of marketing firm Valassis, recently told Direct Marketing News that of the 260 billion coupons distributed in the third quarter of 2010, 1 percent or less were distributed through online channels.

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