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10 Zombie Apocalypse Logo Rebrands

To prepare our customers for the zombie apocalypse, here are a collection of popular logo redesigns to give you inspiration for rebranding your business post zombie outbreak.

playboy bunny zombie logo

People will still need to have fun post apocalypse!

zombie starbucks logo

As peoples tastes change, you should adapt to their needs

zombie barbie logo

Girls will still love their Barbies post apocalypse (just watch that the head doesn’t fall off!)

quaker oats zombie logo

People will still need good sustenance on a morning – something that really sticks to the ribs!

shell zombie logo

Survivors will still need gas but may need reminding of the dangers of filling up!

kentucky fried chicken zombie logo

The colonel may need a new image to connect with his new customers post apocalypse

NBA zombie logo

People will be looking for new entertainment in their lives

goodwill zombie logo

Goodwill is not something that people will have much of anymore!

They’ll still be the fastest carriers!

Lifes over zombie logo

Honest advertising might be the answer come the apocalypse!

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