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Branding Your Band: 10 Band Stickers and Band Logos That Rule!

heavy metal band stickerWhen it comes to selling your music, the artwork can often be just as important as the music itself in terms of getting attention and selling copies. It needs to be made clear that your band is talented, exciting, and like no other! Of course, you already have your built-in fan base, but you also want to introduce a brand new audience to your new music. Potential buyers need a hook – something that will make them want to check out the music and the folks behind it so that they will ultimately make a purchase. Custom printed stickers with a great logo on them can do that. Here are three simple things to keep in mind if you want to make your band logos and stickers work for you!

1. Your band name needs to be legible. It won’t matter how groundbreaking your music is if no one can make out the name of your band (or if the name isn’t even included!). So try to avoid crazy fonts; while they might be cool in theory, in reality, they’re often difficult to read.

2. The artwork must “pop.” Boring album covers and stickers might work for established artists with large fan bases, as their work will sell well regardless of how underwhelming the packaging might look. But for independent artists who want to sell records, this simply won’t work. Before potential listeners decide to hear your music, they first need to see something that catches their attention, so make it count!

3. The design and font should look original. You’ll likely lose a bit of credibility if your design or font looks like something another band already put out. It’s really difficult to establish yourself as a serious musician if your album cover looks like something KISS already did.

So without further ado, here are 10 cool band stickers and logos that rule!

 band logo sticker Original source:

Sticker for the band The BlumbomenOriginal source:

colorfields logo

Original source:

thieves band logo

Original source:

band sticker SLC

Original source:

  • Logo for band The Bonfire Choir

 Original source:

Sticker for band Moving Target

Original source:

Logo for Tequila Band Original source:

 Logo for band Shotgun Superstar

 Original source:

Logo for band Something MoreOriginal source:

  •  For all manner of band sticker sizes and shapes, go to our website today and start creating a sticker for your band that rocks!

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