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9 thoughts on “10 Creative Business Card Die-cuts

  1. That looks really cool! When are you going to offer it on your website? I don’t see it under business cards.

  2. All of them look amazing, great design.
    I personally like the first two cards at the top.
    But, im sure the very first die cut card cost some bit of money to produce.

  3. I love these they are really stand out and creative. I love the unique looks to meet every tastes and standards.

  4. I have always had a love for design, architecture, marketing, interior…but I need a new look for one of my companies in which we offer valet parking services… we did a recent postcard order with NextDayFlyers, but need new stationary, business card designs. – Following that project I’d like to have a direct mailer designed for about 6 -8 times a year where I could alternate each month. – then a revised brochure. basically I’m asking for a designer, as the samples appear above. I’m tired of searching. Need Help..Need talent.

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