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Sweet Spot #2: More bling for your byte

This time it’s tech time!

How big is your USB thumb drive? I’ve got an old 4GB one (not big enough) that I carry in my purse. Anyone wear theirs like a necklace, on its lanyard? Anyone, like me, wish that someone, anyone, would make a thumb drive that we could display proudly?

Well, check out this USB drive that even P Diddy could store his finest mogul documents in!


Brando, super site of the always useless-yet-gotta-have-it gadget, has come up with a few very cool USB thumb drives, for those who enjoy a little bling.

  1. USB Jewel Bracelet Thumb Drive: 8GB – Silver or Gold – US$33.00
  2. USB Jewel Rose Necklace Flash Drive: 8GB – Silver or Black or Red Rose – US$37.00
  3. USB Jeweled Heart Necklace Flash Drive: 8GB – Silver – US$38.00

and as to not scare off my macho readers…

  1. USB Spy Pocket Video Audio Recorder + MP3 + Flash Drive + Writing Pen: 4GB – US$59.00
  2. KingMax 8GB Super Stick: 8GB, “The World’s Smallest Flash Drive” – US$23.00 at Amazon
  • It is indeed the world’s smallest flash drive, weighing in at a mere 1 gram. Now, that’s pretty mighty!
  • My husband and I just got some (Thanks, Mike!), and to me, it looks like a Smurf; I call him Business Smurf and he can smurf the heck out of my smurfy PSD and music files, and he’s washing-machine-proof too! Smurf, yeah!

Check them out if you’re looking to add some flash to your flash drives! It’s all about multi-tasking gadgets!

8 thoughts on “Sweet Spot #2: More bling for your byte

  1. You’ve got to be kidding! And I just wasted $2 a piece on some rubber-bracelet type 125mg ones for my classroom. I want a pretty new one for my birthday.

    At last- functional jewelry.

  2. My husband lost his USB Smurf! Beware of the dainty Smurf Lasso! Use something stronger!

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