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10 of the Best Do it Yourself Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Ceremony & Reception

Wedding season is in full-effect and couples around the country can save themselves a bit of cash and put their own unique stamp on a ceremony by adding these elegantly crafted do it yourself wedding decorations.

The following DIY wedding decorations range in difficulty from super-easy to full-on craft projects for experts and event planners. But whatever the level of difficulty, they all prove that personal decorations trump generic store bought ones any day, and you’ll get a lot more satisfaction from telling guests that you made them yourselves.

And don’t forget the adorability factor of making these decorations together with your betrothed and having oodles of fun before the big day arrives.

1. Hanging Flowers

wedding decoration ideas1

Needing only a handful of materials and a bit of woodwork skill, these hanging flower decorations are unique and beautiful

Hanging floral arrangements are very now and very chic. What’s more, they are a much more natural and original way to present a floral arrangement during your wedding. Check out the following link for a step-by-step tutorial.

 2. Ribbon Chairs

wedding decoration ideas2

So easy-to-do and will transform dull chairs into wedding talking points

To add a beautiful touch to your chairs (or to beautify some ordinary chairs at your venue) tie some ribbon to them. It’s so easy to do and extremely decorative and different. See this and some other DIY ideas here.

3. Giant Paper Garden

wedding decoration ideas3Turn your wedding location into a wonderland with these amazing decorations

This is one of those extra-crafty couples and event planners who know a thing or two about making decorations (definitely challenging for craft beginners but by no means impossible.) The effect is just amazing; creating a fairylike wonderland for you and your guests. Read the step-by-step instructions here.

4.  Rustic Cake Stand

wedding decoration ideas 4With just some glue and some logs, you can create a stunning cake stand

This is an absolute cakewalk of a cake stand project. A super easy project for couples to create a stunning cakestand that beats the heck out of any generic plastic or stainless steel one. See how to create yours here.

5.Personal Message Backdrop

wedding decoration ideas5A two-in-one backdrop and runner

With just a little bit of artistic skill and a roll of butcher paper, this is an easy one to pull off.  What’s more, this backdrop and runner combination looks absolutely fantastic and makes an incredibly personal statement about you as a couple. Write your vows, song lyrics, feelings, or other personal messages and create a memorable decoration. See the original post

6. Wax Paper Backdrop

wedding decoration ideas6Wax paper and string is all it takes to make this backdrop

This is definitely one that will take some time and effort to do, but the cost is minimal and the result is phenomenal. So modern and elegant, this backdrop decoration will be a major talking point of any reception or ceremony. See a step-by-step tutorial here.

7. Glowing Centerpieces

wedding decoration ideas 7Two minutes and 20 cents can transform your centerpieces.

Super quick, super cheap, and super easy. These glow jars will light up your outdoor evening weddings like brilliantly colored fireflies.  Use this trick on any glass centerpiece to make it illuminate the night. See the tutorial here.

8. Silly Snapshot Area

wedding decoration ideas 8

Set up and decorate a snapshot area and have some fun with your guests

For über fun and exciting idea for your outdoor wedding, set up a special area that’s been kitted out with a fun backdrop and selection of props and gags.  Decorate with bunting, a bench, and a box of fun accessories and signs to capture beautiful and funny moments from you and your guests. See the original post here.

9. Paint Swatch Chandelier Centerpiece

wedding ideas 10Turn paint samples into a stunning centerpiece

Did you know you can transform a plain glass centerpiece into something spectacular using a bunch of swatch samples? This idea is a cheeky and delicious one that requires string, wire, ribbon, a stamp machine and minimum effort but looks a million dollars. See the tutorial here.

10. Vintage Doily and Lace Decorations

wedding decorations 10

DIY lace and doily decorations will give your wedding a timeless vintage quality

The vintage look is trending at the moment and a really easy way to decorate in an elegantly retro manner is through linen and doily coverings. Cover balloons, mason jars, candles, etc., in lace textures and the result, is instant sophistication. See these and other retro decoration ideas here

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