How to Create Killer Packaging for Your Products Affordably

Written By: Leslie Taylor | Article Date: August 29, 2022

A 2018 survey revealed that packaging design influences the buying decision of a whopping 72% of American consumers. Surprised? Hold on to your seats. It also found out that even the packaging materials you use matter for 67% of the respondents.

In case you haven’t connected the dots yet: your product packaging is as important as the product itself.

If you want your products to stand out on the shelves, on people’s doorsteps, and under the Christmas tree, keep reading.

Importance of Product Packaging

Gone are the days where packaging’s sole purpose is to protect its contents. Nowadays, most businesses recognize how it can affect the whole brand. Take social media, for instance. Even the simplest unboxing video is viewed by thousands, if not millions of potential customers worldwide.

Your packaging doesn’t just have to be eye candy, it must be informative too. Customers should know what they’re looking at as soon as they take a glance.

Parts of Product Packaging

Before you start sketching your design ideas, consider these details:

Brand Identity – Include your brand name and logo so customers can easily associate you with your product.

Product Name – This is perhaps the most significant part of your product packaging. A good product name is one that customers can easily associate with. Give your product a distinct identity by taking the time to name it.

Product Description – This is your response to the question."why should I get this product?". Go the extra mile by explaining how this product solves a problem instead of listing features.

Other information that you need to include are the product weight and instructions on how to use. And don’t forget the ingredients and shelf life if you’re carrying food or wellness items.

Packaging Design Tips to Get Your Product Noticed

We've tackled the significance of product packaging and the elements that should go in it. The next step is to come up with a design that would make customers add your product to their cart. Here are three tips to make your product the star of any display:

Think outside the box (or pouch). Keep in mind that your product will be beside similar items that also claim they’re the best. You can’t just slap on a witty one-liner in your packaging design and call it a day.

Are there household names selling the same products? Check customer reviews and forums to see if there’s any feedback on their packaging. You can also visit your local supermarket to see the competition firsthand. Take note of their style, the colors, and even the materials they used. If most of them use boxes as product packaging, why not try out pouches?

Make it personal. You don’t need to wait for the holiday season to incorporate gift tags, tissue paper, or ribbons on the packaging. Add them year-round so customers automatically reach for your products whenever they need a present! Since there are printing shops with no minimum order quantity for packaging and boxes, why not print several designs in small batches?

Use high-quality materials. Paper and cardboard are now the go-to choice when it comes to product packaging. After all, these two are more sustainable and have a more premium feel compared to plastic. Paper and cardboard also protect the contents better during transit. Just make sure that you measure your products properly for a snug fit.

Where to Design Custom Product Packaging Online

You don’t need professional training to create custom packaging designs. Here are some websites you can check out – some of these even have templates to help you get started!

NextDayFlyers is an online printing company for all types of businesses. It has a built-in online design tool with a wide range of features for creating custom artworks. You can also request a dieline template file compatible with external design software.

Canva has thousands of product packaging templates that anyone can customize for free. You just need to sign up for an account to use the website’s wide array of editing features. There’s also a paid version with more complex editing tools such as the background remover.

Use Visme’s box and paper bag mockups to see how your product packaging design is going to look like in real life. You can tweak perspective, lighting, and shadow settings to make it as realistic as possible.

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