What are your direct mail requirements?

Direct mail with NextDayFlyers is easy and requires only two things: your print-ready artwork as well as a mailing list in the correct format.

It will take us an additional 2-3 days on top of the printing time you chose, to prepare your products. Check our post on direct mail preparation time for more information.

Take note that there are limitations when it comes to coating options. You can use whatever coating you like on the front side, but you’ll need to use uncoated, matte, or gloss coating on the address side. UV coating can not be used on the side where the mailing address will be. This makes it hard to write on the product by hand to inkjet an address onto the paper. We created a post that explains the differences between each coating option in this Help Center post.

If you have questions about mailing sizes, indicia, or the address space needed, head to this information about mailing from the USPS site.

If you need help preparing your file for printing, we’ve covered how direct mail works.