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Tips & Bits #13: T&B for a Successful Company Blog

Creating and distributing content through your company blog and social media is an important aspect for marketing today. Your blog should help boost your search ranking and bring potential customers to your site. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your company blog.

Motivate Your Employees to Contribute

  • Deputize a blog manager
  • Make blogging a privilege
  • Make them Queen for a Day
  • Support their social efforts
  • Create blogging "beats"
  • Make it easy
  • Make it fun
  • Reward contributors
  • Remember that blogging isn’t just about writing
  • Communicate business results

Make Your Blog Credible

  • Instill reader value: Aim to make your content interesting to the reader which means don’t make it all about your corporation or even from the corporations perspective.
  • Be transparent: Your posts must be authentic and must be written by who they say they are written by.
  • Set the tone: Your blog writers should try and develop relationships with readers but as a company you should decide whether personal interest posts will be permitted on the blog.
  • Invite readers to participate: Encourage responses from readers and keep in mind that successful corporate blogs are about conversation – as in two way. This is a chance to learn what your customers truly feel.
  • Create a blogging policy: Consider posting your blogging policy for all the world to see so everyone knows what you’re trying to achieve with your blog to help build trust.

Know what you want













  • Determine what type of audience/s you want to attract and write for them
  • Set a budget
  • Know who is going to respond to comments
  • Find skilled blogging experts to "guest blog" for you
  • Decide which metrics are going to define your blogging success and then track them.


Happy Corporate Blogging!

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