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The Art of Design #13: DVD Covers

Recently updated on October 2nd, 2017 at 11:07 pm

Creative, alluring, magical, and downright wonderful art pieces. The DVD cover is really what will last when someone thinks of a movie marketing piece. It’s the item that the viewer keeps in their house, looks at everytime they watch the movie and reminds them why they love the movie in the first place. Make sure you are doing yours justice this week with a ton of inspiration, tutorials, free templates and more.

This week on The Art of Design: DVD Covers.

The Art of Dvd packaging – 100+ Creative Covers


How to Create a Movie Quality DVD Cover

Design a Horror Movie DVD Cover

Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make Your Own 3D DVD Box Cover

Wedding DVD Covers Wedding cover for the DVD

50+ Examples of Criterion Box Art

Showcase of 19 Creative DVD Cover Designs

The Best DVD Cover Art

10 Free CD / DVD Case PSD Templates


12 Sets Free CD DVD Cover Templates

30 Impressive CD and DVD Packaging

Tips for Designing CD/DVD Cover Artwork

Download Free DVD Case PSD’s & Icons

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