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Quick-Fire Questions: Kirstie Kraus

Recently updated on November 9th, 2020 at 04:56 pm

At an early age, rising country artist Kirstie Kraus knew that the path before her leads to music. With passion, hard work, and undeniable talent, Kirstie breaks into the music scene with her own unique take on country music, with a twist.

Come join us as we get up close and personal with Kirstie, who happily shared her beginnings, inspiration, and experiences in her up-and-coming musical career.

Quick-Fire Questions

What inspired you to pursue a musical career?

I didn’t really have a choice. I started taking requests when I was two! My music teacher at Harrison Elementary approached my mom when I was in kindergarten and said, “You know your daughter can sing, right?”

Take us back to the beginning: How did you start in the music business?

I began when I was five. I started doing school solos, then community theatre, dance, piano, and church features. When I turned eight, I worked at a professional dinner theater.

It was not until I was 10 years old that I started taking voice lessons. It was from there that I started to perform at community events, often singing the national anthem.

kirstie kraus childhood drawing

As if Kirstie’s early start is not impressive enough, she went on to share how she made her first record when she was only 12 years old!

When I was 12, I began writing songs on my own. I picked up the guitar at 15 and started making trips into Nashville for co-writes and performances. From high school onwards, I was in three different bands around the Midwest. I moved to Nashville in October 2017 where I immediately started demoing for the upcoming “Yes You Can” record.

Tell us more about your genre, what makes your musical style unique?

My genre is a version of modern country with a blues, rock, and funk twist, which most people enjoy for its uplifting nature. I write my music from different perspectives. I think because I have been writing since I was 12, I know all the songwriting rules so I can break them.

Kirstie Kraus custom pull up banner

What goes into writing or arranging your songs, and where do your inspirations come from?

My inspiration comes from everyday conversations or a feeling where I’m like, I have to write about this in some way. Oftentimes, I dive into an idea I made up in the shower, and the lyrics and melody come to me without picking up an instrument.

When I have a basic idea of what the song wants to be, I go to an instrument to help me fill the holes in the melody that I have not heard yet.

What are the most challenging aspects of creating music?

Finding time to sit down and make a demo of the song. I have more songs that I can demo and pitch out.

Congratulations on your new single! What is your favorite – or the most meaningful – line in the song and why?

For Silver, I would say, “If there was a magic pill I knew could heal this hurt, I would drop a couple mil”. This line has deeper meaning about our healthcare industry and the crave for a pill to fix everything.

For What Love Does, “You’re always there in my faraway stare, you’re the lead in my daydream movie” because I have always wanted to put a line in a song about daydreaming or being the star of my own movie and this combined both pursuits!



With her current single release, Kirstie is starting to make waves in the country music scene. But what if she chose a different career path to take? What could it have been?

I have thought about becoming a yoga instructor if I did not pursue music. I am really into yoga, running, and meditating.

When we first shared Kirstie’s story on social media, we were so impressed by the photos she sent us, featuring the promotional materials for her tours and appearances. If she takes this amount of careful thought on her marketing tools, you’re sure to get the same level – if not way more – for the music she creates and the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into each piece.

kirstie and justin
Kirstie with graphic artist and photographer Justin Hammond, the man behind all her creative stuff.

Thank you for printing with NextDayFlyers. How was your experience with us?

My experience was excellent! I got my products exactly within the timeframe that they would be shipped. Everything was all packaged well to keep it safe. I was impressed with the quality of all the prints, and I received so much positive feedback for my banner!

How were you able to use the products in promoting your album and shows?

The banner, posters, and thank you cards have been so helpful in our marketing because it all ties up with the album. A banner at a show with a name like mine is so helpful for people to find us on social media.

The thank you cards are great because I use them to thank my fans who contributed to the Kickstarter project that helped fund the creation of my album. And anytime that I need to thank someone, I leave them a sweet note.

Many people also love to get a poster at a live show and have me autograph it. I will give out a poster if they buy a CD and a shirt. I am all out of posters already so I must order more.

Country singer Kirstie Kraus autographs poster

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What is your advice to aspiring musicians, singers, or songwriters who do not know where and how to jumpstart their careers in the music industry?

Surround yourself with people with the same aspirations as you. Find someone with the same passion and work together to achieve your goals. Start somewhere, be it journaling for 30 minutes a day or pitching your songs out by sending 40 emails a day.

Kirstie will be releasing her first record as an artist in 2021 called “Yes You Can”. Her first music video off the record, Silver, has made it to The Country Network, The California Music Channel, and Hurricane Highway TV in Ireland.

For more updates on her music or just stuff she does on the daily, you can follow Kirstie on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or visit her website to learn more.


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