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Quick-Fire Questions: iScholar, LLC.

Recently updated on November 9th, 2020 at 04:57 pm

As a former teacher and current school administrator, Shante Oniyide understands the importance of early learning. But with the ongoing pandemic constantly reshaping our normal, what could this mean for early learners?

A survey by the National Parents Union found that 54% of parents believe that schools should remain close until it is completely safe for their kids to resume face-to-face learning, and understandably so.

Parents now resort to home-schooling and virtual classes to, as much as possible, avoid disruptions in their children’s education.

Small businesses and startups are also stepping up to the challenge of providing educational resources and learning materials. Businesses like Shante’s recently founded iScholar, LLC.

Quick-Fire Questions

What is iScholar?

iScholar, LLC. is an educational company that creates and provides learning content, materials, and resources in early literacy and mathematics.

What inspired you to create an educational learning company?

My love for teaching inspired me to create an educational company.

As a former teacher and current school administrator, I understand the importance of early learning, especially in the areas of literacy and mathematics. I want to motivate children to be young scholars.

Tell us more about your learning materials. What separates them from others in the market right now?

We create and produce learning workbooks, learning posters, learning videos, flashcards and much more.

We also have a line of bookmarks aimed at motivating readers of all ages. What separates our learning materials from others in the marketplace is that they are kid-proof. I have a six-year old, four-year old, and two-year old who are very active in the products and content I make.

Shante measures the effectiveness of her learning materials with the help of her own children. How they engage with the content allows her to assess what needs to be changed and improved.

With the current pandemic where traditional learning is at an indefinite halt, how can your company help young learners adapt to this sudden change?

Our materials are connected, every workbook and poster are accompanied by a video which can be found on our YouTube channel.

Together, all materials promote an I do, We do, and You do approach. This gradual release of information offers students learning support and the parents, guardians, and tutors the expectation that their young ones can learn the lessons independently.

For a new business, what challenges have been the most difficult so far?

The biggest challenge is the time it takes to build up our clientele. We are a new business that is starting from scratch, we have to make a name for ourselves. We must expand and continue to network and find opportunities to show who we are.

What about your achievements? Can you share a memorable business win?

The biggest business achievement was our first sale. We have a shop on Etsy and it was great to sell four of our bookmarks at once! Another one was reaching 100 followers because as I said, we are a new business and a challenge is always getting your name out there.

Everyday read all day bookmark

Can you share with us a success story from an iScholar customer that motivates you to keep doing what you do?

A customer ordered some learning posters and said, not only did her child learn the alphabet but also expanded oral language because of the realistic pictures that accompanied the letters. I am excited to create and provide more materials that can help kids be excited learners at home.

How would you define success for your company?

I define success for my company as helping young children master early literacy and math skills that prepare them to be successful in school and as growing learners. Knowing a child was helped in some way by the materials we create is the ultimate goal. I want to contribute to their success as learners.

Knowing a child was helped in some way by the materials we create is the ultimate goal. I want to contribute to their success as learners. - Shante Oniyide Click To Tweet

Thank you for printing your bookmarks with us. How was our NextDayFlyers experience?

NextDayFlyers have been awesome. You meet my expectations every time. I know what I’m getting as far as service and quality of product. I tried other companies but was disappointed in the result.

I am excited about our partnership and I am grateful for what you all are helping me accomplish with my business.


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What was the inspiration for your bookmarks?

The inspiration for my bookmarks was my love of simple quotes and messages. A few words can say a lot. I am an avid book reader and I know many others are as well.

How do you use them to promote your brand?

I want reading to be contagious. I’m old school in that I love holding books and flipping through the pages. I used to get in trouble in school for folding the page to hold my place. Ever since then, bookmarks have been that nice, helpful accessory.

For Shante, her small business journey is just beginning. She looks forward to creating more learning materials and content to equip children with engaging educational resources that will make math and reading a fun experience at home.

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