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Quick-Fire Questions: Average Sucks

Being your own worst critic can go a multitude of ways, possibly including you taking it as a challenge, so you push yourself to be exemplary, or you succumb to the pressure and settle for average. Either way, science encourages you to stop being so hard on yourself.

Without having to fixate on failure — or worse, fear it — you can turn that spark of motivation for a better, happier life into a mindset of self-empowerment with the right tools and professional guidance. Something Michael Bernoff and his new book can help you with.

Average Sucks

Released on May 26, Michael Bernoff’s Average Sucks shot straight to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list.

I’m with you; I’ve also wondered what makes this book a worthy read.

Luckily, Debra Bernoff of the Human Communications Institute graciously answered some questions and provided insights on what sets Average Sucks apart from other personal development tools.

Michael Bernoff speaks to conference attendees about success

Quick-Fire Questions

What is Average Sucks about? 

Average Sucks helps the reader understand why they don’t get what they want in life and what to do about it.

Tell us more about the author. What should we know about Michael?

“Michael is a speaker, coach and founder of the Human Communications Institute which offers courses, seminars and programs to assist people in improving their communication.

Over 15 years ago, Michael Bernoff got called out for not living up to his potential and it bothered him. But rather than shrinking from the challenge, he chose to step up and solve a problem he saw in the personal development industry. This quest led him to develop Human Interaction Technology, which moves society forward through the power of communication.

Michael has spent his past 20-year career dedicated to creating rapid and lasting change in people’s lives. He works with entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, and Fortune 500 companies offering courses, live events, and leadership training for those who want to achieve a life beyond limits.”

What were the biggest challenges for him in the industry and how did he overcome them? 

“The biggest challenge in our industry is competing with the idea that massive action is required to get results.

Most people want a quick fix, the easy way – a magic pill if you will. Michael’s entire philosophy is based on the concept that your internal communication drives your behavior and as you improve your communication, you will raise your personal average and achieve consistent, steady progress.

Debra shares that Michael’s inspiration for the book stems from the desire to expand the reach of the Average Suck’s message to more people around the world and not limit their audience to the viewers and listeners of his podcast.  
Speaking of which…  

Michael also hosts his own podcast, The Average Sucks Show. What does he talk about?  

“On the Average Sucks podcast, Michael shares ideas, and tools to assist the viewers/listeners in raising their personal average so they can live the life they truly want to live. He talks with guests that have a powerful story to share about breaking out of average life and living a life of leadership and happiness.”

Michael Bernoff podcast, the Average Sucks Show

Going back to the book, can you share with us a success story that would encourage others to grab a copy?

“We’ve been overwhelmed and pleased with the feedback and reception we’ve received thus far. We have a community on Facebook where people that are reading the book can share progress and results and every day, we read about progress someone has made.

The most recent story we heard was just yesterday, where a hockey coach in New Jersey read the book and then purchased 20 copies to share with his hockey team for them to read at the beginning of the season as part of their training.

To us, reaching high school kids with these concepts, thinking patterns, and mindset at such an early age is a huge accomplishment and will make an impact on the world as they head into adulthood. ”

Average Sucks by Michael Bernoff

In addition to the book’s amazing content and aspirational message, Debra credits their strong pre-promotional efforts as a huge contributing factor to the book’s commercial success. The custom boxes they ordered from NextDayFlyers also played a role in making an impact through powerful packaging.

Thank you for printing your custom boxes with us, how was your experience? 

“Absolutely amazing. I’ve ordered two times and each time I had a question about my order and received prompt responses that were helpful.

My delivery was earlier than anticipated and packaged very carefully. Not one item was unusable from my order. I’ve ordered thousands and thousands of promo items over the years and I almost never get a package without one of the items being unusable.”

Average Sucks book, custom box, and merch

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How do the custom boxes help in your marketing efforts? 

“We’ve created a gift box with Average Sucks logo items that we pack in the box, along with a signed copy of the book Average Sucks. People have been thrilled as they receive their package and have posted pictures and videos of it all over social media, expanding our brand awareness.”

In preparing for the book launch, they sent out advanced copies to friends, family, and peers. But rather than sending just the book, Debra and the Average Sucks team sought to make an impactful packaging and experience and looked to NextDayFlyers to fulfill that need. 

“The ability to create a custom box with custom messaging was exactly what we wanted! How many times have you opened a box and the first thing you see is a message that says “You are Not Here to Be Like Everyone Else.” That is powerful, and it’s true.

I’ve had a ton of people asking me “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BOX!” ever since and I’m happily referring them to NextDayFlyers.”

average sucks box review

For many of us who needs that push to break free from complacency and discover a happier, fulfilled versions of ourselves – Average Sucks could very well be what we need.

Grab your copy today. Visit to learn more. You can also join the Average Sucks Facebook community to meet and connect with other readers.


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