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Print Industry Leaders Gather at ‘Print Delivers’ Event

While Apple appears to have sold out its entire inventory of the newest generation iPad, many business owners, consumers and marketing professionals are looking toward the more reliable and long-lasting appeal of print media.

Last week, the communications firm Think Patented hosted more than 200 print professionals representing organizations ranging from Eastman Kodak to the U.S. Post Office, according to the industry magazine What They Think.

The Print Delivers event in Dayton, Ohio, focused on how effective the medium can be in optimizing marketing and public relations campaigns, while also introducing its value as a renewable resource.

"Most savvy marketers know they have to design campaigns that utilize all media channels, as consumers do not listen to just one channel," Joanne Vinyard, of The Print Council, told the source. "Print remains a viable, engaging and successful channel to the decision making point in consumers' minds, especially when it is integrated with digital media."

Vinyard conceded that businesses have been forced to cut costs and narrow their marketing strategies in recent years due to the economic downturn. However, they have quickly recognized that campaigns are simply not as effective if they do not utilize print within the overall mix.

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