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Quick Fire Questions: Place of Promise

Life is wonderful. But it also has moments of despair and hopelessness. For some, those moments can tumbleweed into many years filled with devastation, hate, poverty, loneliness, drug and alcohol addiction, disease, and spiritual death. Transformation is possible with the right support, guidance, care, and tools to empower.

Rebuilding Broken Lives

Place of Promise, founded by Elizabeth Kidd, RN, is dedicated to physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual healing through Christ-centered programming. Men, women, and children have the opportunity to leave behind a life of death and despair, and build a new life of hope and potential.

The program is built on the premise, “No one is too broken, hurt, or sinful for Jesus to save and make new.”

Empowering People to Thrive

The compassionate Place of Promise team empowers people, like Colleen, to transform their lives.

Colleen started using crack cocaine and heroin while in high school and dropped out. She was a heroin addict for over 35 years, and went to prison 10 times. Her prison case manager recommended that she consider Place of Promise upon release.

Colleen has focused on healing, life skills, and relapse prevention during her two years in the program. She recently moved from a Level I to a Level II home.

Women’s Level I Residential Home

During her programming, she enrolled in truck driving school to earn her commercial driver’s license, and started a job driving for a bakery company. After attending many addiction recovery programs without success, Colleen found her way with Place of Promise. In her own words, “This place saved my life.”

You can read her full inspiring story in a Place of Promise newsletter printed by NextDayFlyers.

Quick Fire Questions

About Place of Promise

Jeffry Kiel, Executive Director at Place of Promise, shared some insights about this life-changing program.

How did Place of Promise start?

“Place of Promise was founded in 1994 in a poor, inner-city section of Boston when it opened its first long-term adult residential home. In 2000, Place of Promise moved to Lowell, MA, to continue to expand.”

Men’s Level I Residential Home

“Today, Place of Promise has four long-term adult residential homes, after-school and summer programs for children, as well as internships and training.”

How big is the organization today?

“Over the last several years, demand for our faith-based programming has increased dramatically. Last year, referrals increased over 75% with most referrals coming from other addiction recovery programs.

“Participation in Kids of Promise, a program focused on children impacted by addiction, increased over 50%.”

Kids of Promise Verse Scramble

“To meet this need, we recently doubled the capacity of our residential homes and introduced year-round programming for children from elementary through high school. We can currently serve 30 adults and 100 children.”

Spreading the Word About Transforming Lives

What are some of the activities you do to bring attention to your organization and its mission?

“We speak at local churches, publish and print monthly newsletters [with NextDayFlyers], and we recently updated our website.

Elizabeth Kidd, RN, Founder, Speaking at Home Church

“We mail monthly newsletters to our partners and churches.”

Place of Promise Monthly Newsletter

How did you find the overall printing experience?

“NextDayFlyers has done an excellent job of printing our monthly newsletters. We’ve received great feedback from our donors on the newsletters. The customer service representatives are extremely helpful whenever we have questions.”

NextDayFlyers has done an excellent job of printing our monthly newsletters. We’ve received great feedback from our donors on the newsletters. Click To Tweet

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Making a Difference

How can people get involved and help?

“There are three ways: Prayer, Volunteer, and Donate.

“As a small organization of six staff members, volunteers are critical in our mission to serve those looking to rebuild their lives. Last year, over 400 people volunteered.

“We are entirely dependent on donations from individuals and churches for our programming. For those who are considering supporting us, faithful stewardship is a deeply held value and we commit to use all gifts efficiently and effectively.”

For more information about Place of Promise programs and opportunities to help, visit their website.

Facebook: @placeofpromise