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Quick Fire Questions: Grit and Grace Digital Marketing

Recently updated on June 7th, 2019 at 08:51 pm

Starting a boutique can be a profitable venture because people are on the lookout for great styles at good prices. But it takes more than a discerning eye for fashion to acquire customers and run a successful business. One needs a compelling persona with shrewd decision-making skills as well as entrepreneurial awareness and finesse – a combination of grit and grace.

Emulate and Exemplify

From a young age, Elizabeth Presher learned the value of grit and grace from her parents and always wanted to follow in their footsteps. Like her mother and father, she wanted to build her own business to support her family. She also wanted to show her two sons the value of hard work and doing what you love.

In 2013, she started Local Love…a Roaming Boutique, a mobile women’s clothing store that pops up around Cincinnati. Going into the mobile boutique craze early, Elizabeth wanted to learn how to get her business off to a strong start. Not finding exactly what she was looking for led to another business, Grit and Grace Digital Marketing.

Elizabeth’s Local Love…a Roaming Boutique

Encourage and Empower

Grit and Grace Digital Marketing provides boutique owners with a unique business perspective. They also offer resources entrepreneurs need to start achieving sustainable growth. Their mission is to encourage and empower boutique owners to give their family the income they need and the time they deserve.

The Boutique Accelerator Workshop kickstarts the company’s program. Elizabeth helps them create a plan for better income growth and time management. Owners recognize the most common issues they will face. The workshop puts business owners in a group of like-minded individuals who are there to encourage and inspire each other.

Quick Fire Questions

About Grit and Grace Digital Marketing

Can you tell us about your business? When did it start?

“Grit and Grace Digital Marketing is a conversational marketing agency focusing on growing small businesses revenue and relationships through Messenger Marketing and email marketing.”

“After owning a mobile boutique for several years, I started coaching other boutique owners, but I realized that it would be better to provide these (business) owners a service.”

Elizabeth with Michelle, one of Grit and Grace Digital Marketing’s first clients

“I explored what services were most needed and became a certified email marketing specialist and a ManyChat agency partner. We were founded in 2017 but transitioned to digital marketing in 2018.”

What’s the inspiration behind the business?

“I want to work with small business owners and provide a service that will move their business forward by growing their relationships and revenue, while also protecting their time.”

Elizabeth multitasking

Practicing What They Preach

What are some of the activities you do to promote Grit and Grace?

“I use social media to promote. I have sponsored events and I network with others both in my industry and in my target market to promote our services.”

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome it?

“Messenger marketing is a newer platform and educating my audience about the power and effect it can have on their businesses is a challenge.”

Sticking to What Works

Thanks for printing stickers with NextDayFlyers. How did you put your stickers to use?

“We used NextDayFlyers for stickers for cookies we made for a very important event we sponsored and (these) had a great response! The event was a speaking engagement, my first at Market in Las Vegas. It was an educational event sponsored by the Boutique Hub, a large organization of boutique owners, who are my ideal clients.”

“Everyone loved the stickers and cookies. The cookies were on brand-conversation hearts that said “email me” and “message me” but it was really the stickers that really helped identify them as Grit and Grace.”

“The stickers were very clear and vibrant and were so accurately reflective of our logo. Our logo is very pretty and feminine with pretty, bold colors created to appeal to the boutique owners we work with, and the quality of printing from NextDayFlyers was perfect!

“The quality of printing from NextDayFlyers was perfect! - Elizabeth Presher, Grit and Grace Digital Marketing Share on X
Grit and Grace’s stickers printed by NextDayFlyers

How did you find the overall printing experience?

“I had a great experience! I waited too long to plan for the stickers, but the turnaround time was perfect!”

“During the process, customer service both helped make sure the dimensions were correct and assured me the stickers would arrive on time and they did and looked better than I thought they would.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I will definitely recommend NextDayFlyers to other small business owners and use y’all again!”

“I will definitely recommend NextDayFlyers to other small business owners and use y'all again!” - Elizabeth Presher, Grit and Grace Digital Marketing Share on X

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If you’re looking to start or own a boutique and want to grow your business, check out Grit and Grace Digital Marketing. Let them help you establish effective digital marketing strategies, earn the profit you want, and gain the time you need for yourself and your loved ones.

Grit and Grace Digital Marketing