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Photobomb #17: Gigapixel Image, Macro Shots, SEO and a lot of How-to!

Recently updated on June 2nd, 2020 at 05:08 pm

You can do it! You can make a Gigapixel Image! You can shoot portraits with a single light! You can get macro shots with any lens! You can even be just like JC Penney (until Google catches you).

You can do all these things and more simply by checking out this week’s Photobomb!

The Making of a Gigapixel Image

How to Shoot 35mm Film with a Holga

and how it comes out:

Single Light Portraits – Yes You Can!

How to Photograph a Concert From the Cheap Seats With a Point & Shoot

How to Get Macro Shots With Any Lens

The iPhone 8x Telephoto Lens

How To Photograph A Large Festival

The Ten Biggest Website Mistakes by Photographers


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