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Overnight Flyer Printing – How to Put Together an Unforgettable College Party in Just 48 Hours

Bluto From Animal HouseWhen you think of college, you think of books, lecture halls, study groups and final exams. Right? According to your parents, you’re there to study and learn, “so you had better knock off the shenanigans!” Okay, okay, so we’re not naïve. We know that, all too often, the college experience is less reminiscent of Good Will Hunting and more reminiscent of Animal House, complete with togas, kegs, and an unhappy censure from the Dean (also, you might want to get that rash checked out, seriously). At Next Day Flyers, we’re in the business of overnight flyer printing, so we know a thing or two about today’s college parties. But what if you need to put together the ultimate bash, and you only have a couple of days to do it? Have no fear. If Van Wilder can turn Taj into a social butterfly, then this should be easy!

Step 1: Find the Right Location

Okay, so you only have 48 hours to put together a monster of a party, so before you do anything else, you need to start making some phone calls. If you have a fraternity or sorority house at your disposal, this step should be a breeze, but if you don’t have a guaranteed location (and you’re way too smart to invite a hundred beer-bong-loving ne’er-do-wells into your home), you need to start schmoozing.

Call up some trusted friends and comrades, explain the urgency, and most importantly, make it worth their while. Offer to clean up afterward, promise to take care of any damages (however unlikely), and provide monetary compensation. Yeah, there’s a bit of personal sacrifice involved, but you only have two days to pull this thing off, and you’re not going to get very far with, “Dude, we need your house for the night. Can I come over with like 200 other people so we can all get drunk and pee on your lawn?”

If all else fails, take it to the beach (depending on your location and the size of your party, you may need a permit, so do your homework first).

Step 2: Stick to the EssentialsCollege Students Planning an Event or Party

With so little time for preparation, you’ll want to skip the clever theme party ideas. After all, your guests won’t have much time to shop for colorful 80s new wave costumes or Viking hats, so keep it simple: music, food, drinks, and plenty of merriment. Make a shopping list, head down to the store, and fill up your cart with every bag of Doritos you can find – or, if your college happens to reside along the coast or in New England, purchase plenty of organic, gluten-free, no-trans-fat soy chips with antioxidants (because today’s kids really know how to party).

Step 3: Plan Ahead

Just because you’re racing against the clock doesn’t mean you should be gung-ho about it. Prepare for any eventuality by establishing a budget, removing valuable and breakable items from the party location, and notifying the neighbors of possible noise. This is especially important. Make sure to be polite with the neighbors and explain that they should reach out to you if things get out of hand. The last thing you want is for your spirited get-together to turn into an episode of Cops…unless that’s the theme of the party, in which case, don’t forget to be shirtless and incoherent when the police start Tasering you.

Beautiful young Dj girl mixing records with colorful lightsStep 4: Hire a DJ…or Don’t

We’re not going to tell you how to run your party. It’s up to you decide whether or not to serve alcohol, whether or not to have karaoke (Tip: don’t attempt karaoke if you don’t have alcohol), and whether or not to limit the guest list. Every party is different, but every college party does have one essential thing in common (and no, it’s not beer pong): music! Lucky for you, there are plenty of DJs who can work at a moment’s notice. And by plenty, we mean most of them.

We all know the romanticized perception of in-demand DJs who travel to glitzy pool parties across Milan, Dubai, and Paris, rocking the hottest house and trance tracks while surrounded by Hollywood royalty. In reality, though, the vast majority of DJs reside in one-bedroom inner-city apartments, where they watch pirated anime videos on their laptops and eagerly wait for the phone to ring for new work opportunities. So just conduct a bit of online research, and you’ll have no trouble finding a qualified DJ on short notice. If you can’t afford a DJ, see if you can rent or borrow a PA system and set up your own playlists on your smartphone or MP3 player. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally slip your Justin Bieber tracks into the playlist. You don’t want the world to know your shameful secret.

Step 5: Advertise Hot Summer Flyer Template

Okay, this is really the crux of the issue. Anyone can make a party happen in 48 hours; the trick is actually getting people to show up. For this, you’re going to need to fire on all cylinders. Spread the word to everyone you know, advertise on your school’s social media properties, and use traditional flyers. Despite technology having permeated every area of our miserable lives and made us its unyielding slaves, traditional advertising is still the most effective way to draw people to your party. That’s why you constantly see party flyers on college campuses. They just work. Best of all, overnight flyer printing is now readily available, so you don’t have to settle for cheap homemade flyers that only your mom would find fridge-worthy.

Overnight Flyer Printing Options

If you’re looking for some truly polished and eye-catching flyers, Next Day Flyers can help. With our overnight flyer printing, you can spread the word in style. We know that the party is right around the corner, and we won’t leave you waiting. Explore your options today, and get the party started. Because when you throw a party without guests, you’re right back to your typical Saturday night of watching Netflix with your cats. And quite frankly, your cats could care less about Walter White’s meth empire.


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