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Marketing to the millennial generation

The millennial generation – those born in the 1980s or early 90s – is a notoriously difficult cohort to market to. They have grown up in a world inundated with digital and computer technology and are the first generation to be familiar with the internet from childhood.

They have also been identified – for good or for ill – as self-entitled multi-taskers who are incredibly adept at recognizing marketing and advertising ploys. And as this age group continues to enter the workforce, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find marketing strategies that are consistently effective.

Still, this does not necessarily mean they have an aversion to marketing – in fact, quite the opposite. The problem is that they have grown up surrounded by advertisements and can quickly recognize what is relevant to themselves and tune out that which is not. To reach Millennials, marketers should develop multichannel campaigns that utilize several different mediums while also keeping in mind the attitudes and preferences of their targets.

"Please listen carefully: print is not dead," writes Tine Wells for MediaPost. "TV is not dead. All forms of media are alive. Millennials are bombarded with hundreds of messages before they even reach their first class of the day. Why would you ever cut your chances of communicating with them? They are everywhere, and your messaging should be everywhere as well."

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One thought on “Marketing to the millennial generation

  1. I don’t like the idea of using one’s age in classifying him or her into a certain generation. The reason for this is because there are many individuals who do not fit into the generation to which they were assigned. For example, I was born in 1979 and consider myself a Millenial, because I have virtually nothing in common with Generation X. Just as well, I do not like to be labeled (many of us don’t, when it comes to this issue). The idea of labeling people a generation because of the year they were born is really just a mass – media and marketing tool. Why can’t we let everyone be who they want to be?

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