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Insurance company launches postcard campaign to earn 19,000 percent ROI

As the U.S. economic recession grimly unveiled its devastating impact over the past few years, most companies strapped up their spending habits and began to downsize staffs. However, one national home insurance company based in Tampa, Florida, decided to go the opposite route and increased spending through a print postcard marketing campaign.

The initiative was an irrefutable overnight success. "The response was immediate," said Sharon Trautewig told Wooeb News. "We immediately got phone calls the first day it was received in the mail, and the first phone call paid for the entire campaign."

The campaign garnered 12-14 new clients, and, when calculating the lifetime investment on the new customers, the return on investment ballooned to 19,000 percent. Yes; 19,000 percent.

But Trautewig went on to explain that the campaign's success lies in the insurance company's determination and ability to approach each account and client with special attention.

"Obviously, no two businesses are the same, which is why we tailor each campaign to fit that business' needs," she said. "But no, those results are achieved around here all the time, and we’re excited that M.E. Wilson was able to experience them so quickly."

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