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Halloween Marketing Ideas: Go from Frightful to Delightful

There is no trick to deciding whether or not to market for Halloween. Halloween is a marketing scream coming in at a sweet 2.5 billion in sales, and candy is only around 1/3 of that.1 This means Halloween is second only to Christmas for generating income.

It’s the third largest party occasion (behind New Year’s and Super Bowl)1 and the 8th largest card-giving holiday.2 So, to take your Halloween campaign from frightful to delightful, here are some resources and Halloween ideas – our tips and treats to you.

1. Social Networking: Changing Personal Profile Layouts for Halloween

Lots of people feel as if just getting one profile up is enough and never want to touch it again. However, you might want to consider periodically changing the look of your social sites to reflect seasons or holidays. “Blogs and Social Networks Halloween Layouts” will take you through the steps to change your Twitter or other social networking profiles.3

2. Email: Reviving the Dead

If you’re looking for advice on tightening up your email list, this clever Halloween inspired article is very helpful. Any company that uses an email list has to deal with unresponsive or just plain “dead” recipients. “Halloween Email Advice: How to Revive Your Dead Subscribers” 4 gives tips to take you from “Saving the Undead” to “Burying the Truly Dead” and beyond.

3. Halloween Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate Article Marketing: Writing Halloween Articles”5 is easy to read advice that will explain you how to use costume sales to boost affiliate links through using Halloween articles on your blog – a good way to tap into the phenomenal costume sales that occur during the Halloween season.

4. Halloween Link-baiting and Promotion Ideas

From Ecommerce Optimization, “Linkbait, Holiday Promotions & Cool Halloween Ideas”6 is an article that is sure to inspire you with some Goblin good link-baiting and other Halloween marketing ideas. It gives a good example of a campaign that involved users voting on awesome costume sketches that has generated a large number of links for the company. So, if you’re looking for some unique marketing ideas to help kick start your own brain, check it out. 

5. Business Cards – Great Simple Idea to spread your Name

I like this easy tip so much I had to include it for you (not because we’re a printing company that yes, does print business cards, but because knowing where your child’s candy comes from is a great trust building move. The idea comes originally from a professional real estate agent. For the candy he’s going to pass out he uses Baggies – puts in the Halloween treats AND a couple of his business cards. Not only is it a great way to pass your cards out, the agent felt that adding his card “acts as sort of a ‘Good Housekeeping seal of approval’ that the treat is safe for their children further adding to a positive image.”6


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